Myth of Empires – Bow Skills Guide (How to Level Up)

Bow Skills Levelling Guide

How-To (Step-by-Step)

Step 1

You make yourself a bow of any quality, prefferable the lowest one since bow level doesn’t scale to your exp gain too skills, use stone arrows asswel to make your material cost as low as possible, then you wanna look for location in a area 10 levels higher then you what you are,

Step 2

Once you done step one you want to get yourself 4 ground foundations 6 walls and 1 stairs…

Step 3

You wanna look for a animals that is sleeping outside any boundaries, so I repeat (dont) be near a (base).

Step 4

Once you found the animals you wanna use for exp, you want to build as fast as you can around the animal with your foundation’s.

Then place the 4 walls quickly in the core of the 4 foundations, there your animal is trapped, now use 1 foundation to build the stairs on, stand on the stairs and build yourself in with 2-3 walls to secure yourself agains’t other animals.

And now just shoot with the arrows you wanna use on the animals and once its half health let it regen and this is how you can farm the exp, i hope this guide was helpful for you all out there, goodluck!

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