Nauticrawl – Starting Guide

Starting Your Engine

A 3-Step Guide to the First Step of This Game

There are three steps to this process. Please read all of them before taking any action, for slowness on your part may result in losing precious life-giving charge from your battery whilst you dither.

Step 1

There is a lever at the very pinnacle of your vehicle, near the ceiling. Pull this from its upward-position to its downward-position. A series of blue segment will appear beside it once you have done this, these are your battery and they will drain slowly until you complete the following two steps.

Step 2

Beneath your central square monitor is a switch. Flick this to activate your mainframe. It will display text that you may peruse at your leisure after you have accomplished the final step. For now the final line of text it prints will be ‘battery not charging’.

Step 3

There is a green button on the left of the central console, the only button of its color in your entire vessel. It will light up and blink slowly after the previous two steps are completed. Press it. Your mainframe screen will print additional text if you do this right, the final line of which will read ‘battery connected to engine’.

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