NBA 2K23 – 2KTV Answers for Free VC (Episode #7)

Players of NBA 2K23 can find a list of 2KTV Answers for (Free VC), which will help them grow their card collections each week when a new episode is released.

Today we will show you the answers to all the questions for Episode #7.

2KTV Answers: Episode #7

Here are correct answers for Episode #7 of the interactive NBA 2K23 2KTV quiz to win free VC.

Current Episode Answers:

  • San Diego
  • Skeleton Mascot
  • Marcus Smart
  • Lewis Carrol
  • Devin Booker
  • (Any Answer)
  • South Carolina
  • 1
  • Points
  • January
  • November 26
  • Vote for the top play

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