Necesse – How to Dupe Quest Items

Duping Process

This may or may not be common knowledge to some of you but if you’re grinding the Quest Reward Items like I am, it’s so helpful.

So the game automatically deletes any 2nd quest items that drop on the ground when transferring to your inventory BUT if you move the first item to your Void Pouch/Bag, you can continue picking up more drops. I keep my inventory and Void Bag open as I’m doing whatever it is I need to do for the quest item so I can easily transfer, however it takes a good amount of screen space.

You can move multiple to your inventory from the Pouch/Bag and store them into chests.

  1. Pick up quest item
  2. Move to Pouch/Bag
  3. Rinse and Repeat until have a desired amount.
  4. Profit???

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