Neighbor Fight – How to Start a Business Properly

In this guide I show you how to start a weed business like a Boss!

How to Correctly Start

This guide is for player who play in default.

With your 5000$ you are going to buy:

  • 2 Processing Machine for 2000$
  • 2 Furnace Machine for 2000$

3 Oonky for 600$

2 Flour for 400$

How to Place Your Machine

For a good production you have to place:

  • On the first line: 1 Furnace Machine
  • Second line: 1 Processing Machine
  • Third line: 1 Furnace Machine in first and a proccesing just behind.

Don’t forget to open the tap on the line.

And After That?

After that wait.

  • When you can make your first order for 400$ do it

First you need 400$ for:

  • 2 new Oonky

After we need 2000$ for:

  • 1 Processing Machine
  • 1 Furnace Machine

New Machine

After you bought your new machine from China.

You need to place them on the fourth line like that.

Don’t forget to press the red button on the Processing machine.

Your production should look like this.

Open all the tap and you production is almost ready at 100%.

Final Step to Be Rich

Do all the orders you can made (prefer the most expensive)

With your money you need to buy all the Oonky left to buy

Don’t forget to add flour regularly for space cake

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