Neon White – All Gift Locations (Up to Job 2)

Gift locations with pictures and explanations on how to reach them.

Locations of All Gifts


Key for the arrow colours:

  • Black – Run/Jump Normally
  • Yellow – Pistol Card Ability
  • Purple – Rifle Bomb Ability

Job 1 – Rebirth

1 – Movement

Head to the end of the level, where the water ring is. The gift is sitting on top of a pillar to the left. Run along the water ring and jump along the pillars to reach it.

2 – Pummel

Sitting on a platform to the left of the balloon demons. Grab the rifle card and use the discard, which shoots a bomb out, to launch yourself up to it.

Tip: you can jump before the bomb goes off to give yourself extra height.

3 – Gunner

Move through the level saving the three rifle cards. Use the first to jump up onto this roof, the second to launch yourself at the pillar, and then shoot the third at the pillar as your launched into it to boost yourself up to the top.

Tip: rifle bombs will always launch you upwards, even if your to the side of them.

4 – Cascade

It’s sitting on top of the frame that surrounds the starting area. Move through the level saving a pistol card, and use the jump to reach the roof. Then just jump and run normally along to it.

5 – Elevate

It’s inside the pillar to the right of where you start. Shoot the demon on the right of you to get his pistol card, then use one jump to get up to the next platform, grabbing the pistol card that’s in the air so you have two. Use one to jump into the first pillar and the second to jump to the second pillar.

Tip: Remember to jump normally before using your pistol card jump for extra height.

6 – Bounce

Pretty easy to miss, it’s hiding underneath this bridge that you pass at the start. Grab the pistol card and jump off the side of the bridge, then use the pistol jump to propel yourself under the bridge and grab it.

7 – Purify

It’s on top of the tower behind the end goal. Move through the level saving your 2 rifle bombs, shooting any demons if needed. Get to the end and use one to propel yourself partway up the tower, and the second to boost yourself to the top.

8 – Climb

Easy to get, just move through the level as normal, except instead of using the last bomb to break through the door, use it to bounce yourself up to the gift instead.

9 – FastTrack

Get to the end of the level with a pistol and 2 rifle cards. From the end goal, use the pistol jump to get across to the first roof. Use a rifle bomb to launch yourself at the pillar, and the second on the side of it to boost yourself to the top.

10 – Glassport

Get to the last area of the level and save the three rifle cards. Kill the demon holding a pistol card at the end and use it to jump up on top of the roof. Use one rifle bomb to launch yourself over to the thin walkway behind you, jump onto the next roof normally and then use a bomb to launch yourself at the wall, and the third at the wall to boost yourself to the top. Run along the roof to reach the present.

Job 2 – Killer Inside

The presents were already collected in these screenshots, the red circle is accurate to their locations

1 – Take Flight

This gift sits at the top of the tower in front of you as you start. Go through the level saving your cards when possible. (Take the shortcut and shoot instead of bombing the demons) Kill the yellow demon for a second pistol. Use a pistol jump to get on top of the roof in front of you, then propel yourself towards the tower with a rifle bomb. Finally, use your second pistol jump to reach the present.

2 – Godspeed

This one mainly involves walking along this walkway. Play through the level as normal, but turn around and jump up onto the walkway to the left after dashing across the gap. Walk all the way around until you reach this grassy part. Jump over to the building in front of you and then finally, jump and then use your new rifle dash to reach the present.

3 – Dasher

This present sits on top of the structure the first enemy is standing under, you can see it above you as you run past. Reach this part of the level without using any card abilities. Then, use your two dashes (and pistol jump if needed) to reach the present.

4 – Thrasher

This is one of the ones that is easy to miss, as it sits underneath the platform near the end. If your looking carefully, you can see it under the vent the water runs down through. Jump off of the side to the left, and then use a pistol jump followed by a dash to reach it.

5 – Outstretched

Sits inside a Gazebo to the left of where you kill the blue demon after jumping up. Reach this point with two dash cards, and then use both of them to dash the present.

Tip: The dash card only propels you horizontally, so remember to jump normally before using it if you need extra height.

6 – Smackdown

This one is at the top of the tower that the final part of the level wraps around, to the left of it. Reach this point with two pistol cards (There is a pistol vending machine just before this point) and then follow this path around, jumping between the walkways. Once you reach the middle of the last one, use both pistol cards to jump up to the present.

7 – Catwalk

This present is behind this glass wall, up in the air, inside the building that the water stream runs around. Get here with a dash ability saved from the part before, and then jump on this balloon demon. Immediately turn around and dash towards the present to reach it.

8 – Fastlane

This present is on top of the second-last building. Jump up the two balloon demons onto the first glass pane and collect the dash card. Turn around and dash over to the roof of the building to collect the present.

9 – Distinguish

This one sits on a small platform attached to a tower that part of the level surrounds. Reach this part of it with the water. Grab the dash card and then move backwards along the water, aka theway you came (Or to the right if you used the shortcut) and then jump normally before dashing over to reach the present.

10 – Dancer

This one can be kind of hard as it involves a very big dash over to this tower in the distance. Move through the level saving dashes when possible. You need to have 3 dashes and two pistol jumps here. the two pistols can be obtained by going to the vending machine further into the level. Once you’ve done this, jump off and use your three dashes to reach the tower. Once you reach the inside, you can follow the path and use your two pistol jumps to reach the top where the present is.

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