Neptune Flux – Game Controls

The table contains all the keyboard and mouse, and XBox Controller for Windows controls that I’ve managed to uncover. I don’t have a VR input device, so I am unable to included those.

Controls Table

FunctionKeyboard & MouseXBox 360 Controller
Pause menuEsc, PB
View mission logTabY
Propel pod upE, SpaceRight Trigger
Propel pod downQ, Left ShiftLeft Trigger
Propel pod forwardWLeft Stick forward
Propel pod backwardsSLeft Stick backward
Propel pod leftALeft Stick left
Propel pod rightDLeft Stick right
Tilt pod nose downMouse ForwardRight Stick backward
Tilt pod nose upMouse BackwardRight Stick forward
Turn pod nose leftMouse LeftRight Stick left
Turn pod nose rightMouse RightRight Stick right
Select pod tool 1: sonar toggleKeyboard 1, Numpad 1
Select pod tool 2: flare deploymentKeyboard 2, Numpad 2
Select pod tool 3: power relay placementKeyboard 3, Numpad 3
Select pod tool 4: propulsion boostKeyboard 4, Numpad 4
Toggle to next pod toolC, Right Arrow, Mouse Scroll UpRight Bumper, D Pad Right
Toggle to previous pod toolZ, Left Arrow, Mouse Scroll DownLeft Bumper, D Pad Left
Use selected pod toolRight Mouse ButtonX, D Pad Up, D Pad Down
Interact with or take objectLeft Mouse ButtonA
Skip cinematicSpace

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