New World – Beginners Guide for Solo Players

Do you wish to get into the New World for the best possible start? This is it!

Newbies Guide for Solo

Basics for Solo Beginners

When I visited New World that was created by Amazon, other guides were available but were also notorious about not telling you things you need to know, things that can have quality of gaming consequences later on.

The game starts you out by explaining nearly everything. What they don’t explain or cover, which can make you feel lost and hopeless, I’m here to fill in those gaps. My Newbie Guide is currently aimed at players 1 to 15, and believe me, you can get to 15 broke and/or no salvage parts, wondering how you’re going to fix your stuff when it gets close to breaking. I aim to make sure that doesn’t happen!

  1. The hotkey to sheath your weapon is X on the keyboard. You run around with your weapon out all the time looking dumb as a rock without this easy to use knowledge. In the beginning tutorial, you’re told that X is to take your weapon out and it’s brief, a very easy to forget thing. Use the same X key to sheath your weapons.
  2. Early in the game, you’re going to get led to many different quest locations. You will be getting access to all kinds of starter weapons and armor. Do NOT throw any of them away. Even if you don’t intend to learn that weapon or use that armor type, keep it! More on why later. If you get close to being too heavy, visit your starter city and bank them in the vault.
  3. The moment you get your gathering tools and are pointed towards the starting city, start gathering! Wood from Young Trees, Hides from animals, Plants of all kinds, Stone (not so much Flint, but have four or five though) and when you find it, Iron. Young trees are in your range to chop down. Don’t waste too much time on Bushes. Low yield of wood and no increase in skills for them. By the time you get to the city the first time, you should be nearly encumbered. Find the shack with a giant Lock on it and store everything but the food you’re given. See a turkey or rabbit? Kill it, skin it for hide and meat. Waste nothing, store it all.
  4. Stash Sacks. Open them all! You will find them from time to time in your inventory. Open and do not discard any of the ‘motes’ you get. Even if you aren’t going to skill up magic potion making, those do sell very well on the Trading Post.

You start out with a sword and shield, but you’re not restricted to them. There are many kinds of weapons and a few firearms, pick them however you like to play. You should always have TWO major weapons loaded for use. One primary and one secondary. The secondary ‘looks’ like a spot for duel wielding, but that is not the case. It’s for the ‘other’ weapon type you want to specialize in, not an offhand weapon! You are not told about this important feature.

For my specific solo play style, I went with Rapier and Bow, and weapon experience is divided between them. Meaning if you use one weapon type and forget the other, the ignored skill tree will be gimp in power, and it’s a pain in the rear end to raise at level 10+ because the damage is low and the experience needed to unlock the special moves are much harder to raise. Why? At level 15, that level 6 wolf will only give like +5 weapon experience instead of +15, and it makes it harder to level a base weapon’s skill tree. It becomes a grind thing to raise the forgotten weapon’s skill up to be useful. So don’t forget and use both weapons, whichever you choose to start with, equally.

I pull with the bow, finish it with the rapier, and both are leveled together in equal measure. You go from three special moves to six special moves as the weapon skills levels up, which can mean the difference between re-spawning a lot or surviving the tougher fights.

Important Stuff

You have major skill stats to consider. Each weapon damage type is based on those stats. Void Magic via Gloves uses Intelligence, as one example, while bows use Dexterity. Some weapons use Two Major stats at the same time. Pick a weapon set that is represented together in one stat and focus on increasing it, and both weapons will get damage increases for the price of one point. Don’t sweat it for Constitution too much. Add a few, but don’t freak out with it. Armor and Weapons will add to those stats and your hit-points will increase that way too.

The game wants you to choose which stats to start investing in right away, but you don’t have too! Wait until level 7 or 8 to decide which weapon set you’re going to enjoy, then invest those points where it matters!

That Thing About Salvage Parts

Do not repair your early armor, weapons and tools! That is a waste of salvage parts, and later on you’ll wish you still owned them. The stats do not change and your damage is not gimp by gear that has 25% durability left, as an example. However, you do get salvage parts to make those repairs in two ways, though the game only tells you about one, which is to break down any armor and weapons you don’t need.

As you get better weapons and armor from drops, bank the old stuff! By the time you hit level 8 or 9, you’ll have a small thrift store of used armors and weapons. Now you break them all down to salvage parts, but still, don’t repair those nearly broken tools. Make new ones instead! The recipe is simple, so break down the old ones. Later on, when you create slotted magical tools, you start repairing those because they’re much more valuable! Having a skinning knife with a 45% harvesting speed increase is nice!

While doing quests, you gather everything you see. See nuts? See hemp? Get em. See young trees? Chop em down. Take a break from quest running, just gather for a small bit. Load up on nothing but green wood, bank it when nearly overloaded. Iron is harder to find and get, but is doable. If you can, have about 600 to 1K of everything you can, including hides from skinning. You can level from gathering these items, though it’s slow.

See turkeys? Get em! You need their meat, and if you use a bow, the feathers are needed for more arrows! See rabbits? Elmer Fudd those critters with gusto! Get as much ‘game’ meat as possible.

Your Bank has a limit, when it nearly reaches that limit, this is when you visit the crafting stations. By the time I got to this point at level 12, I had 200+ Salvage Parts.

Every City will have a leader that has a Board of some type for jobs. They seem rather low paying for stupid sounding goals. Kill 10 turkeys? Skin 15 rabbits? Make 15 light rations? You look at the chump change among the tasks and shake your head…BUT… the faction increase for that city is significant! Raise your standings much easier to get some very nice bonus choices! You can raise your experience bonus quite a bit to make leveling up easier!

That Crafting and Faction Thing

Crafting in New World is a very welcome change to how it’s handled. They’ve taken some pain out of the grind. How so? Say you have enough iron ore to craft 148 Iron Ingots. Well, move the slider all the way up for the full 148 and hit Craft. It shoots up and finishes within seconds! Your crafting experience jumps a dozen levels all at once. The higher skill you get, the more of a product bonus you receive. So those 148 ingots can become 170 ingots at those higher skill levels. Nice!

As for crafting weapons and armor, you can do one at a time, or boost that slider to max and let it auto craft for you, and if you need to stop, the ‘cancel’ button can be mashed. It took me a single minute and a half to craft 45 iron bracers. When done, you get the list to check out the results. The second way of getting Salvage Parts is right here! You get one or two salvage parts plus some materials back for each created weapon or armor piece you break down. Sell the good ones that got stats maybe, but I broke them all down in my early levels.

I earned around 450 salvage before level 15 in this manner, it’s a single stack that goes to 2000 and takes up no inventory space. When I got my level 15 faction armor, not only could I keep them repaired up easily when they got more than half broken, but I owned lots of cut gems from the stone cutter station to slap into slots. Here’s a tip! Cut Topaz Gems turns a portion of the weapon damage to lightning damage and gives the weapons a real cool electrical look!

Factions and Their Quests

You will have three factions to choose from. If you’re into PvP, which I’m not, research it to the core. I won’t spill beans here on them too much, because PvP is for other people who are not me. You can enter PvP mode only in cities and settlements by hitting the U key. So if you go PvP and into the country side to farm, you will probably get smoked and not see it coming because you’re focused on that harvest node.

What you do need to know is their faction quests scale with your level. Do not ignore them. The main quest line will have you visit each one of the three and choose between them. Covenant, Syndicate or Marauders. When your choice is made, and I suggest selecting a faction that controls your city for the bonuses if you’re like me and don’t care to PvP, talk to the faction leader to open the Faction Quest Board.

You can choose Three PvE quests and three PvP quests. As I have only done the PvE quests, do them as early as possible. You get the same points and gold rewards for a level 8 quest that you get for level 19 quest, and at level 19, the mobs are harder and more damaging. So get a nice large amount of faction points saved up good and early, because at Level 15, you can buy your first meaningfully powerful armor and weapon set! They each have a single socket. If you did the frequent gathering and crafting thing, you’ll have plenty of gems to use. If you don’t do the crafting or gathering thing, you can buy the cut gems off the Trading Post.

Running Around and Fast Travel

For some, this is a groan inducing moment, but tolerable for the things that are enjoyable for this game. As of today mounts are not in the game. I have no idea if they’re going to add them or not. What I do know are the things I’m about to share!

The first early rules for Fast Travel are strict. You need Azoth, which you should have in volume if you do the quests. Before you can use the fast travel shrines, you need to visit each one by running there first. Warning! Traveling on foot by the roads is dangerous at lower levels! Go through a level 22 section at level 8, you’re going to get mauled to death. The same goes for reaching major cities. You need to visit them first in order to fast travel to that location later on and getting to those places will be very dangerous for you at early levels while on that big thick nice looking road.

The quests are going to have you running around quite a bit to other short and long distance locations, so getting an early network of visited places will be important in the beginning. Just don’t forget to visit the fast travel shrine if it’s close by the road when you’re running through! You can unpin quests that are too dangerous at level 12 because they are level 23 mobs, but when you hit level 23, you’re going to get that sweet revenge.

Final Advice – Don’t Worry Be Happy

Seriously, be happy that the game is fun on many levels and the groan inducing moments aren’t too bad. The story, the various faction stories, I’ll leave that for you to discover. By doing the process as I suggested it at the start of this guide can have you with plenty of gold, materials and salvage parts to make a serious go of being reliant only upon yourself.

New World is a visually stunning game, there are no ‘fantasy’ monsters. No dragons, no griffins, no unicorns. There are skeletons, ‘Lost’ and ‘Withered’ zombie types, ghosts and pirates to trash. Add in animals and animal bosses like boars, rabbits, turkeys, lynx, bears and wolves, there are no shortages of things to kill and harvest.

That Expensive Housing Quest / Sticker Shock / Must Have Stuff

When you can, buy that home and slap the starter pieces of furniture into it. Some homes only go for 2,500 gold, so shop around your starter city! Don’t let the 10,000 gold house prices intimidate you for the premium spaces. Plus you’re paying like 50 gold in taxes a week. It’s worth it. Why? Once you get a storage chest, your personal storage increases a valuable 400, plus the fact that you can Fast Travel to your house from anywhere in the world at anytime, even in the wilderness. Use Azoth to reset that count down to use again and then use it when you need it! That way you can register in another city for fast travel to the Inn, and your starter city house fast travel can have you across the map in no time at all.

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