New World – How to Grow Your Company (Easy Method)

This guide will show you an easy method you can use to grow your company in New World.

Guide to Grow Your Company


There’s a few obvious ways that people grow their companies… Most people send out adverts in the ‘Recruitment’ chat, other people just run through busy cities and invite everyone they see… But this method I’m going to show you is the most efficient way to invite mass amounts of people to your company. So let’s get started…

Step 1

Open your company menu:

And click on the yellow ‘Send Company Invite’ button:

Step 2

Click on the search bar, and search for “a”, like this:

(Just the letter A)

Then a ton of random people whose username starts with “a” will get listed for you. Invite everyone from this list that you possibly can…

Step 3

After you’ve invited everyone from that list, go to the search bar yet again, and this time search for “b”, like this:

And invite everyone from the list, just like you did before…

Step 4

By now you should be getting the gist of it.

Search for “c”, like this:

And invite everyone yet again!


So you basically just run through all the letters of the alphabet like this, and invite tons & tons of people. I’m gonna be honest, the vast majority of players will decline your invite, because it’s just a random invite they receive out of nowhere… but some people will accept, and slowly but surely, you can keep growing your company more and more.

Also, you can even search for numbers, and run through lists of all players with numbers in their usernames, to invite even more people if you get through the whole alphabet…

This method is much more effective than running through towns and inviting everyone you see… much faster and more efficient. But you could even utilize this method plus the other two more common methods, of sending out adverts in the ‘Recruitment’ chat and running around inviting people.

Cautionary Advice

When I first started using this method with my brand new company, I invited some people and just logged offline, but when I got back on, I realized that the second person to join your company automatically gets assigned the Consul role… so this means they get assigned that role and are able to withdraw money from your company’s treasury.

So if you’re running a new company and want to invite lots of random people, just be sure to set your treasury’s daily withdraw limit to the lowest possible amount… (0.01), so the newly assigned Consul can’t take tons of money from ur treasury.

I use the treasury as my own personal bank to store my money in, so I just wanted to warn people who might also do the same.

Closing Note

The trick with this method is consistency. Since most people will decline the invites, you gotta be consistent with sending as many invites out as possible. You can’t just send one invite to one random person and expect them to join… you need to send the invites out in waves.

I’ve only done this like two times, but I got a few people in my company, and I’ll get even more the more I keep doing it. I recommend trying it out.

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