Nigate Tale – Gift Guide (Who Likes What)

You can give any gift to anyone but the affinity doubles if you gift a present they like…

Gift Guide

  • Asa: Steak, Weights, Silk, Book
  • Alona: Liquor, Barbecue, Ore, Pepper
  • Baruu&Muuk: Hair Band, Tea Leaves, Fruits, Ancient Coin, Comb, Amber Pendant, Detergent, Juice
  • Circe: Milk, Bolster, Illustration Book, Gemstone
  • Dorothy: Candy, Windmill, Waffle, Wooden Doll
  • Mayonna: Seaweed, Cooking Notes, Cake, Rose
  • Rothschild: Mayonnaise, Blocks, Board Games, Dried Fish
  • Kris: Eaglewood, Princess Dress, Daffodils, Fresh Fish

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