Nightmare of Decay – How to Defeat Final Boss

Guide to Beat Final Boss

About the Final Boss Itself

The final boss is actually pretty easy… if it wasnt for its minions. He only summons 4 critters though. 1 skeleton, 1 skeleton with shield, then he summons a fast lizard buddy and finally a minotaur. After that its just you and him.

If he does a normal swing, you can actually dodge it by being up close to him and step aside, all the while you can just stab him, he wont hit you.

If you see him lower a bit he is going to summon those red balls. Just move around the arena and wait till they disappear. Cant take some time, especially since he likes making more if you are far away. Finally he will do his area attack. he lifts his sword over his head charges.

You cant outrun that, but you can step aside. If you are far enough away from him stepping aside will have you go right between the magic cuts.

If you are up close to him while he charge do the following: Turn and run and gently stir to the left or right. You should be able to slide in between the cuts without even looking. You may need to practice a bit, but once you got it down, the only challenge will be the minions.

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