Nimbatus – The Space Drone Constructor – How to Get Infinite Resources From Resource Planet (Sandbox Only)

This guide shows you how to pick a resource planet clean in Sandbox mode. It can also help with getting 5000 resources (gives you a badge).

Infinite Resources Guide

What Is a Resource Planet?

Resource planets are very rare occurrences, along with ancient ruins and fields.

The planets have a golden outside and an unobtainium core.

To remember them easier, a yellow outside and a pinkish red inside.

How to Find a Resource Planet?

You can often find these Resource planets along the edge of the map. if you don’t find one, move to the next wormhole and to the next galaxy.

How to Activate the Glitch

Find the “Change Settings” button and change the mission to “Destroy corp transmitter.”

Do whatever other settings you want as they will not compromise the glitch.

Click play and use a drone that can collect resources, there should be no timer at the bottom.

Get Collecting!

Collect as much resources as you can, there wont be any timer to stop you, only that meddling corp transmitter somewhere on the planet.

It is recommended you use something with drills as well so that you can break through small sections of dirt and get through the tough rock and to the unobtainium core.

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