No Man’s Sky – Breaking the Simulation (Nanite Glitch)

If you don’t have a the time or patience to farm Nanites for hours on end, this guide can help you break the progression mechanics and spoil the rest of the game. Since I don’t know Hello Games policy I recommend not using this during multiplayer sessions.

Quick Rundown

While using portable refiners I found that stacking them close together will give you twice the amount of items inside once you remove them both.

To get large amounts of nanites fast is basically just taking some resource you want to get the nanites from (in my case mold) and run it until you have a certain amount of nanites in the output tile.

At this point you don’t take them out or remove the refiner, just place another and instantly delete it. You will get however many nanites are in the first refiners output into your nanite stash.

Placing the Refiner

You have to at least know the recipe for a portable refiner.

Just place it anywhere and prepare your Nanite raw ingredients.

Make sure you won’t get disturbed, so inside a base would be recommended.

Loading Your Refiner

Load whatever items you want to use, the more the better. With Runaway Mold it will take roughly 20 minutes to fully process your Nanite Clusters, refueling will have to be done 3 times, use condensed carbon for better efficiency compared to carbon.

Again, don’t take the processed nanites.

Adding More Refiners

Once the refiner is fully done (or as close as you need it) you can start building more portable refiners at roughly the same spot.

I found that not moving while placing and removing the refiner has the biggest chance of this glitch working.

It will take a while to figure it out and get it working reliably but once you figure it out you can place as many refiner as you want on top of the first one (tested with 4) and once you remove these again you will duplicate the output to your inventory.

Removing Added Refiners Again

Once you built the amount of refiners you want you can start removing them again via the build menu.

For the best efficiency I recommend maxing the output, since whenever you build and remove the added refiners you will gain the Nanites in the original output.

This works with any items as far as I can tell. If you can put them into the refiner you can duplicate it. But I really only recommend using it for anything taking a very long time.

Living ship eggs are taking long but you loose any sense of achievement once you start duplicating them. But that’s just my personal view.

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  1. What the poster forgot to mention is that you can duplicate anytthing that can be placed in a refiner. So you can duplicate A.I valves for infinite units

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