No Man’s Sky – Frigate Fleets Guide

This guide aims to give players a run down on the frigate fleet mechanics the interstellar Freighters offer after obtaining them. It goes over Frigate types and how to obtain them, Frigate missions and the specifications around them, and the loot.

Guide to Frigate Fleets

Frigate Types and How to Get Them

Frigates are bought from freighter crews that warp into systems during your time in space.

There are about 5 types of frigates:


These frigates have triangular, bulky hulls. They often reward metals or ship trade items and can be a rather decent source of trading metals. They dont actually fight at all so dont expect them to ward off attackers.


These are rather sleek frigates and have narrow hulls. They make cash and rarely trade commodities.

Not a lot of fuss and a steady income source.


These can be easily identified by the ring on the back of the frigate. They give buried treasures and planet resources.


These are categorized by a bulky rectangular shaped hull and are by far one of the most important frigates. These give resources like chromatic and activated metals, frigate and starship upgrades, and cargo bulkheads.


Identified by a long, rectangular shaped hull and storage module. They do not have their own missions and have some of the worst stats, but they lower fuel costs.

Exotic frigates fall under one of the categories above, but have different obtainment methods not covered here.

Missions and What They Revolve Around

Missions are what the frigates are actually used for, and have a few complications. this will be a lengthy part of the guide, so ill try to break it down as much as i can:

Where and how to assign missions

Go to the freighter command room and talk to the navigator to the left of the roundtable, the captain doesnt actually do much on your freighter.

You will need Fuel, available Frigates and mission terminals(one per mission) for every mission you assign. To finish an expedition and open up your frigates to new ones, you must go into the mission terminal and empty the expedition loot into your freighter inventory, so keep your freighter cleaned out when managing fleets.

Mission types, Star ratings and mission duration

Missions have types depending on what frigate they require, for example combat frigates will demand assigned fleets to have high combat ratings to fill out stars. Having the wrong frigate type on an expedition will lead to it becoming damaged or destroyed.

Star ratings (Mission rank) are determined by Length of the mission and demand more fuel and higher ranking fleets. Fleet star ratings are determined by the sum of stats in the fleet. Aim for 1 star over the mission requirement.

Missions will take longer and demand more fuel depending on its length. Balanced missions demand a random sum of all stats so just throw in whatever mix of frigates you have to level them up, and rewards are random.

What your navigator builds his missions around

Missions are reset and given every day at 0:00 UTC. any expeditions in progress will continue as normal and are not effected.

Missions are dictated through 3 things:

  • Available frigates and their quality.
  • Number of frigate types.
  • Fuel in inventory.

Higher ranking frigates will have mission types become more difficult, having certain amounts of frigates will help dictate the type of the expedition and having more fuel will make the navigator push towards longer missions.

Tips and Things to Remember While Managing Fleets

The rest are just tips on managing the resources required and gained through missions:

  • Get fuel by bulk-buying Di Hydrogen gelatin, processing them in a large furnace in your freighter and shooting space rocks
  • Di Hydrogen gels are one of the most efficient methods of getting the bulk required for expedition fuel.
  • Be sure to install recharging launch thrusters onto your starship as well to cut back costs and farming time.
  • If a ship gets damaged, recall it.

All damaged frigate component on a single frigate require the same repair cost, usually a metal.

Bulk up on some platinum, gold and silver and repair costs usually can lead to some hefty chunks of metals if frequent damage is sustained.

It is not certain if better frigates are in wealthier systems, as freighters follow.

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