No Place Like Home – Guide to Befriend and Help Animals (Food)

Please note: all credit goes to Nyx!

Befriend and Help Animals

Food needed to befriend & help animals


  • Llamas – Battery (tip: place an obect into their house, they duplicate it.).
  • Cube bots – Battery (they later give you recycled materials for crafting).

Farm animals:

  • Chickens – Potato (later give you eggs, can be turned into mayo).
  • Ducks – Carrot (later give you duck eggs).
  • Pigs – Honey (later give you truffles).
  • Cows – Wheat (later give you milk, can be turned into cheese).
  • Goats – Cranberry (later give you goat milk, can be turned into cheese).
  • Sheep – Unique medicine given by Lily through a quest (later they give you wool).

Unique farm animals:

  • Dog – Dog biscuit (later gives random things).
  • Cat – Honey (later gives random things).
  • Racoon – Garlic (later gives random things).

Wild animals:

  • Fox – Strawberries (later they give you strawberry seeds).
  • Fennec Fox– Watermelon (later they give watermelon seeds).
  • Boar – Beets (later gives you beetroot seeds).
  • Deer – Acorns (later they give yougive acorns).

That’s if for the animals part.

Was made with love, to make it easier for you to know what’s needed for each animal, without running back and forth.

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  1. how many of each animal are there in the game (how many plants do i have to carry with me if i want to befriend them all give them a stable home)?

    • I haven’t had the chance to count them all because sadly my game bugged and that’s what my save is left on but what’s sure is there’s 1 cat 1 dog 1 raccoon in adventure.
      In “everything free” mode, you don’t have a limit n any animal.

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