No Plan B – Beginner’s Guide to a Successful Campaign

Guide to a successful campaign in No Plan B.

Campaign Guide for New Players

Your Team

Welcome recruit. You have 8 brave fighters at your disposal. Like you, they are still young and inexperienced. But over time, their skills will grow and serve you well. The longer you use them, the more tired they become. So give them enough time to recover. One mission is usually enough to get them fit again. The longer they are in action, the longer they need to get fit again. So make sure you have enough rotation.

Their Skills and What You Make of Them

Each of your team members has 4 slots available. How you distribute them is up to you. The skills will give advantages to your team. So choose carefully who should be able to do what and what they are used for.

Specialize Your Team and Give Them Specific Roles

Nobody has to be able to do everything and a little of everything is not enough! It is important that your units are well trained. Make two teams. Both teams should have at least one key representative of each skill. The following is recommended. 2 Snipers, 2 Riflemen, 2 CQB Specialists and 2 Multi-talents. Depending on how you like your team.

Who Does What


Your sniper provides cover. He watch out for the environment and targeted opponents. A large field of view and fast cooldown make him very dangerous. Never underestimate the power of a well placed sniper.


He is equipped for short-range combat. Shotguns and pistols are his trade. With a short reaction time and quick cool down time, he will make your way through narrow corridors.


They usually carry assault rifles. Large spaces are their territory. They cover the advance and keep track while the rest is moveing. Good reaction times make him particularly dangerous


So you want a tank? Sure, give him a shield and he’ll clear a path for you. Experts in pistols and a certain strength make him great for being the first through the door. Don’t forget, he will be slower than the rest of your team. Unless you give him the Tank ability then he too can keep up with the rest.


Who doesn’t like an MP7? Your SMGs are fast and carry a lot of firepower. However, this is at the expense of range. At short range, they are excellent to ruin someone’s day. Medium rooms give them the perfect operating area. At long range, however, they become inaccurate and lose their effectiveness.


This one has a certain booom effect. A Grenadier gives you the chance to throw faster and farther. In certain situations it can be of great help. Decide for yourself whether you need it.


Medic! Im hit. Your medic patches you up again after the enemy has hit you. However, consider. He cannot work miracles. Dead is dead. In addition, Every man for himself. Depending on how good your medic is, he will heal himself first and then the rest. Especially in the higher difficulty levels it is worth having a medic. He should stay behind and take over the rearguard.

Customize Weapons

Pass me the spray can. Isn’t it nice to know immediately wich your weapon is. While the color shows a certain creativity, your attachments are an important element for your operator. The important thing here is functionality over appearance. Decide for yourself what is more important to you. running speed or reaction time. Overall, your weapon should get better. Take your time to look at everything.

The Plan

The planning phase. It’s getting serious recruit! Your team has been assigned a mission. Find out what your goal is. There are many ways to achieve the primary goal. So think outside of your comfort zone. We made you a killhouse to train in. It corresponds to the outline of your mission. Coordinate your team as best you can and make sure everyone is watching out for everyone else. Look at everything again. Remember, not all of your troops have to break through the door. Sometimes it’s worth looking through the window and lurking for enemies there.

The Opponent

We’ve been expecting you. The enemy doesn’t wait for your team. As soon as they hear something they will investigate. Remember that especially if you have used the scanner. It is therefore advisable to use this in connection with the noise to keep the opponents in place.


You did everything to prepare your team. Now it’s up to them to execute your plan. Good luck recruit.

Now you should know everything it takes to not need a plan B. Good luck out there, step away!

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