Noble Fates – Crafting Guide

In this guide you can find some useful tips for crafting and how to learn to craft new things or buildings.

How to Learn to Craft

In Short

So they way people learn is by doing. So once someone has high enough skill to do something you are able to place or queue it up. The person will walk over and learn it.

In Details

It goes like this:

  1. In the learning tab, each item has a pre-requisite, like before learning how to build stone walls you have to know how to build wooden walls.
  2. When you mouse over and item in the learning tree it tells you minimal level of specific skill that is needed to unlock.
  3. You need a noble with that specific skill and minimal level and assigned job in that skill.

For example: to build stairs, you need at least one nobble with building 2 and building should be assigned to him as a job.

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