Nobody Saves the World – Guide to Make Money Easy and Fast

This guide is about money making in the Nobody Saves the World game.

Making Money Guide

How to Start

In less than four minutes, you can farm between $4,500 and $5,100 with this build and dungeon.

Overall, the gameplay is straightforward. Gallop will be your primary ability for rushing about and damaging adversaries, followed by Zombite for many enemies, and finally Holy Light when it is available.

Money Magnet is used to boost the worth of money, and when fully upgraded, it boosts the value by 40%.

Money is also quickly snatched up! Gallop works with Strongman, and Magic Life is only used to keep Gallop operating.

You should be fine in terms of health, but keep an eye on the boss, since he will tunnel down and you will not be able to deal any damage.

When this happens, cease using Gallop and instead Zombite foes until he reappears.


  • Horse


  • Horsepower
  • Strongman
  • Money Magnet
  • Magic Life


  • Kickback
  • Gallop
  • Zombite
  • Holy Light

Money Gained

  • $4,500+


  • Shadowlands


  • Dark Nest

Video Footage

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