NOBUNAGA’S AMBITION: Awakening – How to Manually Fight a Battle (Tips and Tricks)

Here are some tips.

Tips and Tricks


  • TRAITS don’t function alone, they’re based on Stats. Look at the little icon beside each trait name to know it’s commanding Stat. Eg: “Devious” is based on INT, “Eloquence” on POL, etc. The same works for traits in tactical battles – “Rapid Strike” is based on VAL, while “Concerted Strike” and “Confuse” is INT based, etc. The higher the commanding stat the better the effects.
  • Speaking of effects, it’s not a binary “succeed or fail” affair, but a GRADIENT of possible results. So, an “Extraction” submission conducted by a low INT retainer may result an enemy officer defecting to your side alone, while an exceptional INT retainer conducting the submission may flip the entire enemy castle to your side, fiefs and all.
  • Still on Traits, try to SPECIALIZE castle Lords by assigning them officers with similar/complimentary traits. Remember that traits stack and increase their levels as a result (so, a Lord with lots “Castle Raid” officers will result in “Castle Raid Level 5”, etc). Because of this I like to have a main Diplomat, a Statesmen, a Covert and a Vanguard/Castle raider, all supported by respective officers (a Covert Lord with “Devious lvl 5” is a scary thing).
  • Don’t sleep on the “TRANSFER” command, as it allows you to swap your Lords+retainer teams around castles. So, for eg, if you just moved your frontlines, just “transfer” your main attacker lords to the front. Another thing I like to do is “transfer” my Statesmen/Civil specialist lord to backwater castles that need rapid farms/fairs development.


  • UNITS > Troops numbers. That means facing enemies with sheer troop numerical superiority is doable if you have more Units, as it will allow you to execute maneuvers like pincers and baits, etc.
  • Because of the above, don’t sleep on TRIBES! Befriending them will give you that Units superiority, specially in early-mid game. Also, remember you may SPLIT a single castle army in two by clicking it’s “marching” button (this is very useful for small clans).
  • When attacking castles, try to ENCIRCLE them from various directions as much as possible. The more directions you blockade, the more maluses you inflict on the defending castle’s stats, making it faster to take it.
  • When issuing the MARCH command, manually change the units order! If possible, keep your better units at the front to take advantages of Roads’ limitations, and to spare tribes to key pincers.
  • Speaking of ROADS, be aware of their locations and limitations and use them! Large road = 4 units, narrow road = 2 units. By minding chokepoints and keeping quality units at the front, you can defeat entire armies. Your officers even suggest this sometimes (they call it Ambush, and call it when you’re being attacked by a large force which route pass through narrow roads).


  • Supplies in Awakening is very very different to SoI. I’m sure you’d have noticed by now but your armies do not resupply each time they pass through your own castles or your allies’. If your castle information says it can only factor in 160 days worth of supplies, then the army coming from the castle is only gonna last for 160 days.
  • If say your army from Funai Palace in Kyuushuu is say, standing in Nakamura Palace (and assuming you also own this) in Shikoku to defend an attack, and it took you maybe 80 days of 160 days worth of supplies to get there, when you stand on Nakamura, you don’t get more supplies, from Nakamura. You’re draining reserve supplies from Funai until it hits 0. It doesn’t increase your days of supplies from 80 to say, 120. It will stick to 80 days and will decrease until you move out of Nakamura.
  • This isn’t really an issue in the early game where most castles start at around 120 days worth of supplies. You don’t have a lot of ground to defend and you’re realm is still small. But once you get big, that becomes a strain. Especially when you start in the edge of the map, like Kyuushuu. The further east you move, the further away you are to the castles you spent years building up. Your Kyuushuu armies have to travel longer to reach the front lines. And it would certainly take some time for your newly conquered castles in Chuugoku or Shikoku to reach the same capacity of your Kyuushuu castles.
  • The tip here is rather nuanced, but I think it’s still important for the mid and late game, in any difficulty. Try and build supply stations in your important castles so they can generate more supplies per march. Ideally somewhere within 200 days worth of supplies per march would be good. There’s also the function to change castles to become resupply bases. In these castles, if your army moves past this castle, your days worth of supplies WILL increase. But the caveat is you are sacrificing that castle to become a resupply base instead of a potential castle housing another 7000-10000 man army or so. Personally I don’t use resupply bases, I need every castle possible to beat an AI on ExHard lol. So I just build tons of supply stations in almost every castle.
  • When you use mobilization, that’s when you select a target castle to conquer, your supplies on the castles selected to attack the target will also increase significantly. A few caveats to this is it takes around 2 months to finish mobilizing and you’re basically telling the AI 2 months in advance that you’re gonna attack them, and which castle you’re aiming. You could of course bait them with some maneuver.
  • Another way to increase supplies when you’re on the march is winning an offensive siege battle. Normally, you’d gain about 60 days worth of supplies after a win. That’s 2 months more on the field. One of your armies could have 1 day left of supplies before the victory. Now after a win, you’ve got 61 days and a chance to continue and take maybe one more castle. Obviously, siege battles are a chore to do, and rightfully so. Unlike most people, I actually actively search for offensive sieges to fight. I’d even refuse a surrender just to get that 60 days extra supplies to keep fighting sometimes.
  • Siege battles are obviously another can of worms to work around. I’ve spent a lot of time trial and error with siege strategy so I guess I’ve become more accustomed to it. A tip I would say for an offensive siege battle is, don’t throw your men in and try to rush the castle down without a plan. Sure, you’re on a timer, but you’re not doing yourself a favor by throwing a wave of men into objectives like what the AI does. There’s the pause button for a reason.
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