Noita – Pheromone Ghost Money Trick

Trick of Pheromone Ghost Money


It’s super simple.

  1. Get pheromone.
  2. Grab a wand or two.
  3. Empty said wand of all spells.
  4. Throw empty wands into a pool of pheromone.
  5. Toss a tablet around above the wands sitting in pheromone.
  6. Profit.

Whats happening is that you can pheromone charm wands into little entities that follow you around and shoot whatever spells are in the wand.

What you dont see is that noita is actually spawning invisible ghost entities to opperate the charmed wand.

But if no spells are in the wand those ghosts wont pick up the wand.

But the game still spawns an endless number of ghosts to opperate the empty wand. Even though they are invisible to us.

They can still take contact damage. And they drop 20 gold each. Note it doesnt have to be a tablet used to kill them. Just contact damage.

I also notice they take curse damage as well from collapsed holy mountains. I was thinking of trying this in a cursed area with ambrosia on to see if it will spawn endless gold. Thats all I got.

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