Noita – Wand Dispenser Guide

Eggsploit allows to transfer spells into next run. And at start of run, usually we have problems to acquire good wands.

Guide to Wand Dispenser

How about to make wand dispenser?

How to Use

  • Assemble wand.
  • Produce egg.
  • Carefully put egg in desired location, where you want to take it next run. Starting cave, for example.
  • Esc-start new game-new game
  • Take egg and put it into inventory. Get it to place, where you gonna use it. Holy mountain, for example. And break it.
  • At place, where was egg there will be small explosive box. When you walk behind it, it’ll shoot upwards green spark. Which will spawn wand pretty much immediately.
  • If you trigger dispenser several times in one place, it’ll spawn exactly identical wands. Which allows to farm useful spells in unlimited quantities. kick it around to reroll it.
  • If there will be nuggets, objects and props behind crate, or spark will hit anything above crate, dispenser might start to work wonky, producing unreproducible wands or failing to kill taikasauva.
  • When you unload dispenser, it stop working, Also, obviously, you’d better keep it away from fire.

How Does It Work?

  1. [hollow egg;hollow egg] First hollow egg will break, when new game will start. And will spawn second one, which you could take with you.
  2. [add trigger;piercing;summon explosive box;floating arc;ldc] That block is basically prop with button. And explosive box is only summonable prop, which you could walk behind and which has slow enough tickrate. When you touch centre of box, it’ll spawn LDC. Which won’t move on its own, since it was spawned without initial moment inside prop. However, floating ark will displace ldc right at pixel above crate.
  3. [delayed spellcast, venomous curse, freeze charge, bloodlust, note, gamma, note] That’s most precise, simple and reliable way, that I managed to find to summon taikasauva, let it spawn wand and kill it at precise pixel.
  4. [requirement projectiles;summon taikasauva] That’s spell storage. Theoretically, you could call that spell without gamma. But it might be more convenient, if you’ll accidentally wreck first one at attempt to place it.
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