Nomad Survival – Dry Marsh – Challenge II Guide

How to beat challenge II on Dry Marsh. I’ve tested it a few times, and it has consistently worked for me, hope it helps those having trouble.

Guide to Dry Marsh – Challenge II

All credit goes to Nymeus!


  • Crusader
  • Poxbringer Heritage
  • And just stand there.
  • For Upgrades, Only Take
  • Gold
  • HP Regen
  • SP Regen
  • Defense
  • EXP Bonus
  • Pick-up Range
  • Cooldown
  • Duration

I do not have a solution for gemstone upgrades like retaliation, as I have not taken it, and unaware if you can undo them outside of the game, as ingame it does not allow you.

Now How to Not Die

You want to avoid anything that increases damage, I’ve listed what to take level up wise and not to take. And again, do not move, they’ll come to you, including the bosses, even if they look like they’re taking a sight seeing trip around the horde, they will get to you eventually and you’ll kill them.

If you happen to have them die on top of you, and you open the chest, take a random active skill relic that isn’t the boss weapon ones, entangle or immaterial. Then take the 10 extra rerolls.

Level Up Do’s

Do take first:


  • Miniaturise up to lvl 10.
  • Duplication up to lvl 10.
  • Expansion up to lvl 10.
  • Wings up to lvl 10.
  • Spirit of Life up to lvl 10.
  • Shield up to lvl 10.
  • Bravery up to lvl 10.
  • Hourglass up to lvl 10.
  • Primal Might up to lvl 10.
  • Bullseye up to lvl 10.

Avoid taking the last lvl of any of these before you have no other choice, you want to not run out of rerolls or be forced to take stuff you shouldn’t.


Entangle up to lvl 4 (Do not go past 4, as past lvl 4, it starts doing damage, which will get you killed).

If you’ve had to take all of the above, you can now take:

Passives (You shouldn’t need to take many of these)

  • Stamina Potion – You don’t want to overdo the hitting. Try and not take many of these if you can help it.
  • Study – Slower levelling is better.
  • Psychokinesis – Slows levelling if you cannot get all the experience immediately.

Level Up Don’ts



  • Curse
  • Vitality
  • Buckler
  • Death Sting
  • Enchantment


Avoid everything except lvl 4 entangle. Do not take Immaterial Cloak, it has no damage, but you’ll die when the enemies with damage over times walk away from you and die; with no other enemies nearby to hit for heals, you’ll die.

You should easily be able to do the challenge with the above info, if you encounter any issues, double check you’ve followed all the info, and if you are still having issues, check gemstone upgrades for don’t upgrades.

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  1. If you are using the hammer path, that makes sense that projectile speed is bad. I think that’s why I had trouble with that path. It’s a great option with the aura path since it has no effect.

  2. So one thing that I did very differently from the suggested strategy that helps ALOT with not leveling too fast is to stay pretty much in constant motion and start kiting around all the enemies. The problem I kept running into is that even without all the level up boosts, I was still leveling too fast; hitting 30 in less than 5 minutes sometimes. When I started kiting around, I stretched it all the way out to minute 15.

    As I got near the end, I was basically moving around in one big circle around this blob of enemies, staying on their periphery as much as able. The key is to make sure you’re damaging someone all all times without falling completely out of contact with the enemies. Especially true as that damage you do to the enemies is what heals you in the first place. If you break contact with the enemies completely, that’s tantamount to a death sentence with this challenge

    • I encourage no movement as hitting too many enemies will cause them to die faster, sitting still means you only hit those near you, and then more fill in the gaps when they do die. Poxbringer lets you hit the same enemy repeatedly before it dies too.

  3. Okay, so I was finally able to finish. Thanks for the extremely helpful guide!

    Here is what I would change:

    Limit Gold upgrades to these. You don’t want to level up or kill fast.

    HP Regen

    Add Archery to passives you can take.

    When you pickup a boss chest, make sure to take rerolls. That way you won’t run out. Also, you want to level up as little as possible so you definitely don’t want the top option.

    When selecting a class weapon skill, choose the left path each time. The final skill will make your weapon aura huge, which means you’ll kill things further away from you. This helps you level up slower because monsters are dying and dropping their xp further away. It also provides more slow and steady healing since you are harming even more enemies at once.

  4. I die when the first boss dies (happened twice). Is this passible in the latest patch? (new to the game)

    It seems like if gems interfere, there should be a way to toggle their passives off.

    • Yeah, gem upgrades do matter, if you’re taken stuff like retaliation, there is unfortunately no solution I am aware of other than resetting the save.

      I will have a test with other builds with retaliation included, to see if I can find a way around it.

      I did it in the most recent patch, a few times, but I hadn’t done any gem upgrades at the time.

      • Okay, so I decided to try again. The first two times I took the left skill path when it came up. This time I took the right (the one with the projectile hammers), and I survived the first boss.

        Also, you left out Archery. It seems safe to take it from what I’m seeing.

      • Well, I made it further, past 9 minutes. The trouble I started to have was I was killing things too fast at that point.

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