Northgard – Death Note and Cold War Achievements Guide (Single Player)

I got the death note achievement randomly in OX conquest, however I was in offline mode and the achievment didn’t unlocked, so I decided to come up with a strategy to get it again without another player. While I got the cold war achievement with a friend I also decided a strategie for it, since It’s a difficult one for single player.

How to Obtain Death Note and Cold War Achievements


Your name in the Death Note

  • Be the target of 3 Manhunt Rivalry at the same time

Cold War

  • Maintain the “Eavesdropping” Rivalry for 2 years, with a clan doing the same with you.

Death Note

Death note can be done in conquest, just any conquest in which you have to defeat 3 enemy and they are allied to each other, unless they have a lux clan, because they can’t manhunt.

But there is an easier way, start a multiplayer game make 7 ai which allies each other and make them boar, because boar gets EXP slower since they don’t kill wolfes for colonialisation, it might take a time but it will work.

Cold War

Cold war is a bit harder:

  • Make another MP and make 1 Lux ai, because lux can’t manhunt. Always have more people then they, so they can’t do town twining. And have more fame, so they can’t do bullying.
  • Now the only thing they can do is eavesdropping but It’s still random and it is possible that they stop it at some time.

At this point it’s just a matter of time, if the game goes on for long enough you will get it eventually, just afk it or something.

Additional Tips

  • I would recommend Ox clan for both achievement because they gain EXP and Fame the fastes.
  • If you don’t have the dlc you can go Wolf or Bear for death note and Raven for cold war.
  • Remove all victory conditions beside domination so that the game doesn’t end randomly.
  • You don’t need another player for this even if it’s multiplayer. But you need to do an MP because you can only choose teams or the ai clan, if It’s a MP.
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