Nova Drift – Ultra Chaos Achievement Tips

Ultra Chaos seems like a painful achievement, because it is. Here’s a few tips I thought of to make it easier.

Tips to Ultra Chaos Achievement

Build Tips

AS with most achievements, don’t make it harder on yourself, don’t play on annihilation.

While you’re on your way to level 40, you need to be aware of a few things.

As far as I know, rerolls are OK as long as you take only the central mod.

I am not sure about taking body/weapon/shield components after the initial 3 levels would invalidate this achievement, so I will assume we are not taking them.

I don’t know if taking any body/weapon/shield component other than the central one would invaldate the achievement, so assume that they would to be safe.

Reroll NOT to get what you want, but to avoid what you don’t want, things like Hidden Power, Overseer, Flash Shielding, Polar Inversion, and other risky mods should be avoided UNLESS you get lucky enough for a build that can benefit from it.

Now onto a fun tip, if you aren’t against restarting and aborting runs repeatedly, try to get Salvo and Spectre in the weapon and body selections for the central mod. Spectre and Salvo are a broken combo and will almost fully compensate any damage needs for the entire run. Spectre is also handy at avoiding damage through not being targeted.

From here, do the run while keeping these in mind and you should have a much better time trying for the achievement.

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