Nuclear Throne – Mutation Combinations / Synergy Guide

Mutation Combinations

Mutations are an essential part of nuclear throne. They are passive modifiers in the game, and you can choose 9 of them in the game (including the ultra mutation). Crowns also exist, which are like mutations, but you can only have 1 at a time, and they have strong effects, and strong side effects.

This guide will go over all of that. I will assume that you know about every mutation, and what it does.

Mutation-Mutation Synergies

This is for mutations that sync well.

For synergies, you dont need every mutations in these synergies, you can just choose 2.

We Need Ammo (back muscle, rabbit paw, plutonium hunger, second stomach, recycle gland, crown of haste)

This is basically for when you need to conserve ammo and get ammo. I reccommend this for steroids, yung venuz, and robot. Steroids and venuz both use a lot of ammo, and robot gets better (aka more ammo draining) weapons earlier. Robot also eats guns for ammo, so you can hold more. Fish gets more ammo, so more ammo drops and being able to hold it all is good.

Plutonium hunger somewhat counteracts crown of haste, by picking up the drops before they fade away.

Hearty and healthy (second stomach, bloodlust, rhino skin, strong spirit, crown of haste)

Second stomach’s active combines well with crown of haste. It makes it so that health pickups heal 5 hp. If you have rhino skin, regenerating hp (and getting your strong spirit back) will be harder, because theres more health to regenerate. Second stomach fixes this. I recommend this with rebel and crystal. Rebel is a low health character, so these mutations will fix that. Crystal with this build is kind of overkill, to be honest.

Character Builds and Synergies and Necessary Mutations


Rebel is strange, in the way that you need the exact same group of mutations for her to work. They include: throne butt, bloodlust, second stomach, sharp teeth (not necessary), rabbit paw (allie drops), rhino skin(not necessary), and stress (low health character). If you are gonna have rhino skin, id choose riot. If not, Personal guard. But both are good. This isnt a build, per se, but just necessary thing to have for her.

Yung Venuz: Lightning Speed

Stress, Ima Gun God, and Trigger Fingers. Venuz already has higher dps, and this is kinda overkill, but I love it.

Robot: The Future is now, old man

Robot, Crown of curses, pizza rat dungeon, crown vaults. This is half strategy, half build. Robot finds better weapons (weapons from one difficulty above) and cursed weapons are weapons from ahead in the game (weapons from 2 difficulties above). So you can find a cursed assault slugger (or higher, if im not understanding the chart well) in level 1-1. The pizza rat dungeon also increases the difficulty, so do the crown vaults. Every level increases the difficulty by 1, but since these are extra levels that dont skip any other, they are like free difficulty increaases. Areas like yvs mansion and the jungle skip 1 level; they just replace another level. If youre confused, view this chart:

Weapon-Mutation Synergies

Literally every weapon specific mutation and their weapon type. This is for specific weapons that can be helped by mutations, that arent a weapon-specific mutation.

Energy Melee (energy melee weapons, lightning hammer, laser brain, long arms)

Yes i know i broke my own rules but these are 2 weapon specifics that mix. Laser brain makes energy melee weapons hit twice, and makes them reach longer. Long arms accentuates that. Lightning hammers rails are affected by laser brain.

Accuracy (eagle eyes, minigun, double minigun, triple machinegun)

I would not reccomend eagle eyes if you want a u-shovel or a shovel. All 3 of the melee swings will be togetherm but they wont hit at the same time.

Scary Melee (scary face, shovel, wrench)

A scary shovel will one shot crystal spiders and cursed spiders, and scary wrenches one shot ravens.

Written by Delalang

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