Obama – 100% Full Achievement Guide

How to get all 9 Obama achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • This achievement is earned by defeating the first beast. It’s found to the left of the gate at the very beginning of the game.

Put to rest

  • This one is earned by defeating the second beast, found after going through this tunnel into a large open area.


  • This one is earned by taking an elevator, found after the floating platform puzzles, up to the top of the tower and defeating the beast up there.


  • This one is earned by defeating the oracle, found by taking an elevator down in the building in the mountainous snowy area.

Greater good

  • This achievement is earned by falling into the lava at the oracle boss site.

Warranty voided

  • Earned by turning on developer mode, found at the bottom of the options menu.

Business Bob

  • Earned by entering this bubble on the horizon, right of the lobby town.

Something great is coming

  • After defeating the oracle, take the path and walk close to the saluting Obama figure.

Play with Obama

  • Earned by changing your steam profile name to Obama, opening the game, and entering a lobby.

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