OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – 100% Achievements / Trophies Guide

Plot-Driven (Unmissable) – 12 (1/2)

Character Story Arcs

Eir’s Apothecaries
Completed Castti’s story.

Protector of the Island
Completed Ochette’s story.

A Peaceful Little Forest
Completed Castti and Ochette’s Crossed Path.

Agnea the Star
Completed Agnea’s story.

Clear Skies
Completed Hikari’s story.

By the Light of the Heart
Completed Agnea and Hikari’s Crossed Path.

An Answer, a Journey
Completed Osvald’s story.

The Road to Prospetiy
Completed Partitio’s story.

Mysteries of the Night Sky
Completed Osvald and Partitio’s Crossed Path.

The Collar Removed
Completed Throne’s story.

The Truth Lies in the Flame
Completed Temenos’s story.

The Detective and His Assistant
Completed Temenos and Throne’s Crossed Path.

Plot-Driven (Unmissable – # (2/2)

The Journey Begins
Embarked on a journey.

This achievement is obtained as soon as you finish any 1st chapter among the character stories.

Dawn Breaks
Returned dawn to the world.

Gate to the Netherworld
Defeated the netherworldly threat.

Octopath Traveler
Approached the end of your journey.

Setting Sail
Rode the ferry to a new land.

Completionist – 2

Record Collector
Obtained all records.

A Story All Your Own
Unlocked all trophies.

Path Actions / Utility – 2

Octopath Traveler…?
Brought along four townspeople at once.

To get this achievement, you need to have all 4 Travelers that have a recruitment path action (Partitio – Hire, Ochette – Befriend, Temenos – Guide, and Agnea – Allure) and then recruit 4 townspeople so you have an 8-person goon squad half-consisting of NPCs.

If you’re like me and you chose booba aesthetic over purpose/achievements, you won’t be able to complete this achievement until you conclude your protagonist’s story and swap them out.

100 Out Cold
Soothed or knocked 100 townspeople unconscious.

Informed Adventurer
Gleaned information from 100 townspeople.


First Break
Broke an enemy for the first time in battle.

This will probably be one of the first achievements you get. To break an enemy, simply take down their armor points (the number inside the blue shield icon) by hitting them with their attack-type vulnerabilities.

Max Boost
Acted at maximum boost for the first time.

You need 3 points of BP to act at maximum boost (3 boost levels).


Character Progression

A New Skill
Learned a skill for the first time.

Self-explanatory. You earn JP to learn skills by completing battles. Some skills, such as Partitio’s Arrow of Fortune, help you gain JP faster.

Completionist – 2

Record Collector
Obtained all records.

A Story All Your Own
Unlocked all trophies.


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  1. I appreciate the guide, but I wouldn’t say “100 Out Cold” is self-explanatory – insomuch that you need to knock out *100 different NPCs*. Or, at the very least, some NPCs don’t give full credit, or something like that. I did 5 laps of New Delsta which would have put me way above 100 even without any NPCs I had knocked out prior, and didn’t get the pop. It wasn’t until I started going to other towns and knocking out NPCs there was no chance I knocked out in my normal gameplay, that I got the pop (in the fourth town after doing this, which was Cape Cold).

  2. A reminder for who struggling with “Master of Solistia” after finishing the whole game:
    You need to return Frigit Isle by your ferry, and go through the 4 (or 5, since Frigit Isle, the town, includes 2 locations) locations again. Your experience in Osvald’s chapter 1&2 does not count.

  3. It seems that you can finish Pearl Hunt in Toto’haha with only one pearl, but it seems to bug the system and doesnt complete the progression tree in the Quest Journal. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue?

  4. On Records for song 30: During the day, Yomi can be found in Ku: Castle Town up the wall on the left side of the area.

  5. Battle-tested gear trophy – in case if Veronica already moved from her original location, you can still find her at the place where her side story ends

  6. This is the most completed guide I’ve seen for Octopath Traveler 2, I’ve been looking for a guide to 100% the game and this has been the most helpful. Very useful guide if i might add.

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