OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – Best Sub-Jobs / Loadouts

Best Loadouts

My main team was the eastern half; Osvald as my starter, with Temenos, Throne, and Ochette. Their sub jobs for most of the game were Dancer, Merchant, Apothecary, Warrior respectively.

This gave me access to all 8 jobs, and everyone had an AOE skill to easily kill the mobs. I didn’t have many skills on the Inventor job for quite a while, and the other jobs are late game and some are locked behind certain story completions, so I ran with this setup for almost the whole game.

With this team, any battles at night start with three turns of buffs for your team and debuffs for enemies, which was especially handy for normal enemies, but also become helpful for bosses. At the start of a boss fight, preferably turn one, Osvald would cast Sealtige’s Seduction on himself (using a BP item or Temenos merchant skill). This causes Osvald’s Teach to hit all three allies (still doesn’t affect himself sadly). That means the next two turns can be spent buffing Osvald, then he can Teach those buffs onto the other three members. At the end of turn 3-4, I could have 9 turns of buffs to physical attack, magical attack (from Throne’s passive), physical defense, magical defense (from Cleric), crit, and accuracy (from Hunter), on three party members. These buffs lasted long enough to beat every chapter boss.

After buffing, the main damage was provided by Throne and Ochette. Both had Deal More Damage on, and used Aeber’s Reckoning and Brand’s Blade to deal massive damage to broken foes. Since both main sources of damage are physical, Armor Corrosive did a lot of work; I could either use it the turn they are broken, because it would last through the turn they were stunned, or use Throne’s latent to apply the debuff before her attack. No chapter boss survived two breaks.

Osvald and Temenos were on support duty. Osvald helped with breaking and used items as needed, while Temenos mainly healed, especially with Prayer for Plenty. Both could offer some damage to broken foes as well of course.

As the second team, the western characters had a much easier time, because they already had the high level gear, but the strategy with them was mainly to use Castti’s Concoct to buff and supply BP/SP to Hikari (using learned skills or Brand’s Blade) and Partitio (as Armsmaster, an extremely strong job you can get in Boulderfall if you haven’t already), while Agnea provided heals and buffs as needed.

As for equipment selection, it mostly comes down to what your character and setup is, especially since a lot of the “best in slot” stuff is only available after you start finishing stories, and thus are probably currently unavailable to you. The ones I will mention here are the weapon you need for Armsmaster, some of which are quite powerful, and more importantly, unlock the skills (and thus the passives) of the class. The sword is in Winterbloom, the spear is in Timberain, the dagger is in Shipwreck of the Empress, the axe is in Quicksand Gaol, the bow is in Sinking Ruins, and the staff is in Seat of the Water Sprite. The axe in particular does a lot of work; with the right setup by the end of the post game, its skill can do over 100,000 damage.

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