OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – Character Leveling Tips

Tips to Character Leveling

In General

You basically make an A and B team.

I usually around the chapter 3 lvls of my A team start to play my B team with my main character overleveled to assist. By then I have the gear to twink my B team and they dominate everything of similar levels.

I want to have everyone high level before doing chapter 4 and/or the late game dungeons. Not to mention completely skilled out secondary jobs and EX skills too.

If you do not wish to twink out the under leveled heroes, then don’t. I personally don’t like fighting trash again for levels, this lets me breeze thru it.

More Details

Leveling is a part of the game, and there are some upsides. First, the Scholar class gains “Extra Experience” as its third support skill, which will increase the entire party’s gains each fight.

Thief gains “Life In The Shadows” as its fourth skill, which adds EXP and JP after nighttime battles.

Hunter’s third skill is “More Rare Monsters” which will increase the likelihood of meeting Caits (which are worth a ton of EXP and JP if you can kill them before they flee – use magic).

By running all three abilities at once in your party, you’ll be able to simply take a lower level character up to a higher level area with 3 of your stronger fighters, and they will fly upward in levels (in a level 30 area, I got Throne from 6 to 20 in a very short amount of time).

Does make for a bit of extra grinding, but honestly, it goes pretty quickly if you set up for it properly.

Note: It’s also worth noting that Throne and Temenos have good synergy since they buff/debuff the party/enemies at nighttime. Furthermore, you can use the Merchant subclass to speed up the JP grind with Arrow of Fortune; it gives extra JP based on how much damage you do (in relation to the current health of the enemy, not how hard to hit is…so if an enemy has 5hp left, don’t expect 25 JP).

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