OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – How to Hikari 60k+ Damage (1vs1 Challenge Setup)

How to deal high damage in 1vs1 with Hikari for mid-post game 1vs1 challenge farming.

Guide to Deal High Damage


I will just simply talk about the setup and you will all have to figure out how to clear the side quest yourself.


Support Skill

  • A Step Ahead (Inventor).
  • Eagle Eye (Hunter).
  • Boost-Start (Merchant).
  • Deal More Damage (Warrior).


  • Battle Tested Blade, you can farm it with a low drop rate from certain Npc, OR complete Hikari Story, and there will be a NPC that you can steal/entreat from at Crackridge Harbor: Anchorage.
  • Shields: Any that +Crit.
  • Head: Any that +Crit.
  • Body: Any that +Crit.
  • Accessories 1: Alpione’s Amulet (HP+1200, Effects: Deal More Damage when Low HP) Once you complete Ochette Story to a certain point, Alpione’s will appear at Gravell as a side quest, do the side quest to obtain.
  • Accessories 2: Victory Ring (+20 Physical Attack, Increase Physical Attack at the start of battle) from a Side Quest in New Delsta: Backstreet, there is a npc women sidequest regarding his husband gambling issue, finish it and you get this ring.
  • You will need a skill called Last Gasp as shown on screen, you learn it from defeating a Guard at the entrance of Montwise in daytime.
  • Once you have all the setup, all you need to do is get into Low HP state first, easiest way is to challenge high difficulty NPC and lose, once you do that you will be at 1hp, and now you are ready.
  • Just go challenge anyone to 1vs1 with hikari, at the start of the battle A Step Ahead would kick in, all need to do is just Boost all the way and use Last Gasp, and watch the enemy melts.
  • This method require you to ONLY recover SP to keep using. if you Recover HP you will need to lower it again to do more damage.

Additional Notes

  • The damage shown are tested on a 9★ Npc, you will do more or less depends on your Hikari Level or the difficulty of the challenge.
  • I tried changing out Victory Ring to another item called Champions Belt Physical Attack +100, Critical +100.

On paper Champion belt may seems better, but it only did like 40k++ damage. The moment i swap to Victory Ring, it straight away goes up to 60K++.

  • No stats boosting Nut’s have been used at all, in-fact i don’t want to use Nut’s at all in my playthrough. you will do more damage for sure if you want to optimize it with Nut’s.
  • The total amount of max HP Hikari have doesn’t affect the damage.

Additional Info

Npc that drops these battle tested weapon in 1vs1 Challenge (2% Drop rate).

  • Battle Tested Dagger: Clockbank, Tavern 2nd floor balcony daytime, old man 9★.
  • Battle Tested Bow: New Delsta, outside of the Inn daytime, the Black Dress tutor lady 9★.
  • Battle Tested Axe: Cape Cold, right side corner of the town , Villager 8★.
  • Battle Tested Spear: Sai, Entrance of town daytime, Townsperson 8★.
  • Battle Tested Sword: Tropu’hopu, NorthWest ish of the town daytime, next to Grandma House, Young Man 10★.
  • Battle Tested Staff: Canalbrine, Northeast of town inside a Chapel daytime, Cleric 10★.
  • Battle Tested Shield: Montwise, Entrance of town daytime, Guard 9★.


  1. There’s a rod in a chest in the Ivory Ravine that would work well in this build it has an equip effect that’s the same as the battle tested blade I assume that they stack because the spell boosting ones do.

    It’s called Giant’s Club and it’s in a chest, though note that the area is level 50 which may be intimidating to some. Though probably not too bad if you’ve already completed 2 character’s stories.

  2. Use fang of ferocity instead of victory ring you will hit for 99k.
    its at Curious nest sundering sea chest level 52 area

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