OCTOPATH TRAVELER II – Rough Walkthrough

I’ll just add rough walkthroughs for each character’s chapters. I’ll mention interesting upgrades (equipment or otherwise) and how I approached the chapter’s boss. Please note there will be many different ways to approach this game and mine may not be more helpful than what you or other guides suggest.

For most Chapter 2+ content, I will go with the assumption that you have already recruited all 8 Travelers available for maximum flexibility.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2A – Mother’s Route

Change the time of day if you are unable to interact/steal:

  • Steal the Horse Coin
  • Steal the Mark

Drink from the right cup.

It’s fine even if you mess up. The last checkpoint is at the same choice.

Chapter 2B – Father’s Route

  • Winterbloom has a couple of strong Bows, Hatchets and Shields you can steal easily to upgrade your team. I recommend bringing at least 2 characters that use Hatchets to take advantage of the upgrades.
  • I brought along Ochette since just west of Winterbloom features a lot of great upgrades to her Beast Lore in the form of AoE coverage.

Ambush the guard. As usual, change the time of day if necessary.

In the Snowhare Hideout, IMMEDIATELY replace Ochette’s Shambling Weed with an Ivory Eel. It will grant you the Spiritsucker Beast Lore. Spiritsucker is an AoE Dagger attack that also gives your entire party a buff that recharges 6 SP after your character completes an action. It’s only 6 SP per recharge but at this point in the game, it’s basically UNLIMITED skill spam until each level.

The boss for this area is vulnerable to Sword and Bow attacks. If you are bringing any recruiters as part of your team, I recommend bringing a summon that has Sword/Bow attacks to help with Phase 2. His 2 goons are vulnerable to Daggers. You won’t be able to break the boss until his goons are dead. Hikari and his Latent Powers are great here to (a) break the boss with Aggressive Slash and (b) heavily damage the boss during break status with Tenretsuzan.

At some point, the boss activates a move that doubles his armor points from 4 to 8 and adds 2 more vulnerabilities (one of them being Dagger). Remember to keep up healing, debuff the boss (if applicable), and inflict poison periodically. Break him once you have enough Boost Points on your Travelers to deal extreme damage and finish the job.


Chapter 1

The events leading up to saving the Lost Girl are straightforward.

Beast Lore Suggestions:

  • Island Froggen II (the one with 2 points on their armor)
  • Shambling Weed (Beastwarden area BEFORE meeting the Lost Girl)

Island Froggen II is great for 2-turning the enemies that appear after you save the Lost Girl because it lets you earn extra Leaves and EXP (Untouched + Break bonus) by just spamming provoke at no SP cost.

Shambling Weed is great for self-sufficient healing in this chapter. It heals for 100 HP + 100 more for every boost point consumed.

After saving the Lost Girl, you temporarily get a summon every battle that heals for 50 HP each turn. This is only available until you reach the village.

On the way back to the village you can farm the untamable monsters by 2-turning them using the suggested Island Froggen II. Just use a 2x Boosted Island Froggen II after they are all simultaneously broken. During this small period, you can earn more than enough money without taking any damage. I used that money to buy a Buckler, Fur Armor, and a Handaxe for the boss battle.


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