Oddworld: Soulstorm – Definitive Item Guide (Enhanced Edition)

An explanation of every item in the game, where to get them, how to use them and what best to use them for.

Ultimate Guide to Items

Inert Items

These are items that cannot be crafted into anything, nor are they crafted from anything.

Water Bottle

These bottles are found all over the game, because they are an essential component of the very prominent arson mechanics. Water bottles can be claimed from urns in the first three levels, but once follower mudokons start becoming a part of the gameplay, you can get them by going into the inventory, swapping to the follower tab and taking them from the follower inventory. You can hold a maximum of 20.

Water bottles are throwable items. When thrown while standing, they travel a medium distance and will shatter upon contact with a wall or slig. When tossed while crouching, the bottle will roll, allowing them to be picked up again.

Water bottles are mainly used to clean up fires. They can be used to silence fires that foam from the fire extinguisher cannot smother. Seven thrown bottles thrown in quick succession can be used to knock out a slig, though this is far from efficient. Water bottles can trigger all ground based mines (including your IED Stun Mines), though they have no effect on floating mines. They can also break glowing blue nodes. If mudokon workers are equipped with water bottles, they will throw them at any fires they see.


Rocks are exclusively found in Rock Sacks. Making contact with a sack will cause it to shake, releasing three rocks to be collected. You can hold a maximum of 20.

Rocks are throwable items. They are light items that can be thrown a long distance, and will break apart on contact with a wall or slig.

Rocks are rarely used. They exist mainly to clear hazards such as mines, though they can make for distractions if a slig hears them and looks the other way. Seven thrown in quick succession can knock out a slig, but this has limited uses.


Flares can be found in lockers or in the pockets of sligs. You can hold a maximum of 10.

Flares are throwable items, but their effects are activated just by holding them. They are light items that can be thrown a long distance, and will harmlessly bounce off a wall or slig, leaving both parties intact.

Flares are mainly used in the dark caves of Sorrow Valley and Necrum. Holding one will activate it, creating a radius of light centred on Abe. If you have the HUD on, you can see how much time is left until the flare goes out by looking at the fire icon next to the ‘held item’ icon. Throwing a flare will give it a little extra life, but it will soon go out again. Flares are dropped whenever the inventory button is pressed, so be wary of that. These items can also be used to set brew puddles alight.


Phatoline jerry cans are only found in the Sorrow Valley levels. They can either be found lying on the floor or in lockers sealed by a padlock.

Phatoline can only be used with a phatoline generator. Normally, Abe will shrug when the use button is pressed when next to a generator, but if he has a phatoline canister on hand, he will pour the contents into the generator to activate some machinery. These cans are essential for progression in the Sorrow Valley levels, so keep an eye out for them.

Empty Bottles

These empty Soulstorm Brew bottles can be found in waste bine, crates, or just plain on the floor.

Empty Bottles can only be used at recycling “reverse vending machines” that give moolah for every bottle given back.

Hand Torch

The Hand Torch is an item found at the start of the third Necrum level. There is only one in the game.

Abe uses the hand torch by holding it out in front of him. Aim where the torch points with the right stick.

The torch is useful to see what’s up ahead and to scare any Sleeches away. If you have the HUD enabled, you can see how much charge is left by seeing how full the cirle of the ‘held item’ icon is. The battery will recharge when not used.


The Demigod Shrykull is a rarely available power that is obtained by rescuing Mudokons through a bird portal with a number imposed onto it. Saving a number of mudokons greater or equal to that number will provide a single Shrykull charge in all cases except for the final bird portal in the game, which will give three charges.

To use the Shrykull, simply press right trigger while the power is equipped, and watch it do the rest.

The Shrykull is the ultimate psychic power of the Mudokons. It acts as a total screenwipe, killing every slig and slog on the screen, destroying weak floors and lighting brew puddles alight in the process. It also completely refills Abe’s health.

Base Items

These items can be used or on their own, or be crafted into things.

Brew Bottles

Soulstorm Brew Bottles are arguably the most common item in the game, available in every level except one. Brew can be obtained from crates (crates containing only brew have a special design), urns, vending machines, the pockets of sligs and lockers.

Brew Bottles are items of medium weight that can be thrown a medium distance. When thrown they shatter on contact with walls or sligs, leaving a puddle of brew behind.

The main use of brew is to facilitate arson. When a puddle of brew comes into contact with a fire (pre-existing campfires and welding torches or a burning flare), all brew in the puddle immediately catches fire. Attacks from sligs can also light brew puddles (i.e. sparks created from bullets striking the floor or low yield rockets), which is useful to note when possessable sligs are near. Fire can be used to burn down wooden barricades, kill sligs and even overheat propane tanks. However, fire can also kill Abe very quickly, so commit arson responsibly.

Brew Bottles are also used in a variety of improvised items: Somek Screens, Brewnades and Flamethrowers.


Rolls of tape are obtained from waste bins or from slig pockets.

Tape can only be directly used on unconscious sligs. While a slig is asleep or has been knocked out, holding the use button over them will allow Abe to tie them up.

Tying up sligs does have its use as essentially ‘killing’ sligs without actually killing them, as it prevents them from getting back up and will allow another slig to emerge from a security station. When you are trying to just bypass a slig, it is usually not worth it to tie them up; the time it takes may give another slig the chance to spot you. However, when dealing with an onslaught such as in Reunion at the Old Trellis, fully incapacitating sligs like this proves to be very useful.

Tape is only used a component for Bouncy Binding Candy.

Antidote Ingredients

Moongrass, Paramold, Haggut Moss, Sleech Guano and Meetlebat Venom are all items that only appear in one level. They are found on the floor inside the mineshafts of The Funicular.

These items only have one use: to craft the antidote. Only one antidote needs to be crafted: it mainly serves as a tutorial for how to craft items in the first place.

Tin Can

These used Tin Cans are usually found in waste bins, but can also be found in lockers.

Tin Cans are only used to be able to craft IED Stun Mines.

Wiring Kit

These bundles of wires are only found in lockers.

Wiring Kits are used to cobble together an IED Stun Mine, or a jury-rigged flame-thrower.


These large batteries can be found in lockers, but are usually purchased from vending machines. These are some of the most expensive vending machine items out there.

Batteries have no use outside of powering IED Stun Mines or Flamethrowers


Bags of blue detergent are only found within waste bins.

Detergent’s only use is to cause a bottle of Soulstorm Brew to start bubbling into a Smoke Screen.

Bone Powder

Bonewerkz brand Bone Powder is usually found within lockers that have pad-locks.

Bone Powder is used to enhance a Smoke Screen into a Smoke Screen Plus.

Rock Candy

These jawbreakers can be found within lockers and slig pockets, but are mainly sourced from vending machines.

Rocks Candies are light throwable items. Throwing while standing will cause the candy to move at high speed, bopuncing off a wall or ceiling twice before cracking. If tossed while crouching, the candy will bounce along four times before shattering.

Rock Candies are mainly used to knock out sligs. Three thrown in quick succession with knock a walking slig out, one will knock out a flying slig. Follower mudokons can hold these candies, allowing them to defend themselves effectively against flying sligs. However, they usually throw them too slowly to be effective against walking sligs.

Rock Candies can be used to craft Bouncy Candy.

Fire Extinguisher

These are obtained from vending machines

Fire Extinguishers are used by aiming where to point the nozzle with right stick, then spraying foam with right trigger. Use the coloured marker on the side of the extinguisher tank or the circle of the ‘held item’ icon on the HUD to see how much pressure there is in the tank. When out of pressure, the extinguisher will stop working.

A better way to smother fires compared to water bottles, but the foam is limited by being easily blocked by an object such as a slig corpse.

Rubber Band

These bands can be found in lockers, waste bins and slig pockets, but they are mainly found in vending machines.

Rubber Bands can only be used by wrapping them around a Rock Candy to create Bouncy Candy.

Fizzy Pop

Cans of Fizzy Pop can be found in lockers or slig pockets, but are mainly obtained from vending machines.

Fizzy Pop is a heavy item that when thrown will explode on contact with anything.

Fizzy Pop is usually used to knock out sligs in one hit, and are my personal preferred method of knocking sligs out. Follower mudokon can benefit greatly from holding cans of fizzy pop, as all they need to do is throw one to knock out an approaching sligs, making for a reliable way to guard ascending mudokons in level like Reunion at the Old Trellis,

Pouring Blastos mints into a can of Fizzy Pop will create Fizzy Pow.


Electronic Amplifiers are found in lockers.

Amplifiers are exclusively used to upgrade an IED Stun Mine to an IED Super Stun Mine.


Blastos Mints can be found in lockers and slig pockets, but are mainly obtained from vending machines.

Blastos are used to improve the explosiveness of a can of Fizzy Pop into Fizzy Pow.


Sticks of Gum are obtained from vending machines are rarely slig pockets.

Gum is used to turn a can of Fizzy Pow into Sticky Fizzy Pow.


Cartons of mostly used Epoxy can be found in bins.

Epoxy is used to craft Bouncy Binding Candy.

Steel Hose

Steel Hoses are rarely found within lockers.

Steel Hoses are only used as a component of the Flamethrower.


Hand-held lighters are found in lockers.

Lighters are only used to provide the flame for Brewnades.

Anti-Viral Wipes

Anti-Viral cloth wipes can be found in lockers (sometimes protected by a pad-lock) and raely in waste bins.

Anti-Viral Wipes are used as the wick in Brewnades.

Crafted Items

These items can be crafted from other items, and some can even be upgraded through further crafting.

IED Stun Mines

These improvised explosive devices are found in crates and urns in The Ruins and The Blimp levels. They can be crafted using a Tin Can, a Wiring Kit and a Battery.

IED Stun Mines are heavy items. When thrown they will weakly bound off walls until they land on flat ground. Once on flat ground, the arming process begins: the light will go from green to red and spinning proximity sensors will activate.

These explosives deliver a jolt that will knock out whoever is in the radius. For Abe, it will knock him down, but he will get up relatively quickly. For mudokons and sligs, they will be knocked out for a medium amount of time. For slogs, the jolt is lethal and will kill them. IED Stun Mines are some of the most useful items in the game, as they allow sligs to be dealt with without needing to stay in the slig’s range of sight. They can be used as a failsafe in case you are unable to prevent a slig from reaching a suitable firing spot in levels such as Reunion at the Old Trellis.

IED Stun Mines are used as a crafting ingredient for IED Super Stun Mines.


This bottle of antidote is crafted from Moongrass, Paramold, Haggut Moss, Sleech Guano and Meetlebat Venom. Crafting this serves as the tutorial for the crafting mechanic.

Antidote is used by holding the use button when next to a sick Mudokon. This will heal their ailment, allowing them to stand up and become followers.

Smoke Screen

A bottle of smoke screen is created when Soulstorm Brew is mixed with Detergent. Bottles of smoke screen can also be found in lockers with a pad-lock, or just plain lying around in some levels.

Smoke screen is a medium weight item. When thrown, it will shatter on contact with anything, causing a pillar of smoke to billow up.

A pillar of smoke can be quite useful. It blocks all scanning technology, even slig visors. When combined with sneaking, smoke screen can be used to stealth past most challenges. However, the smoke does not last long, and sligs are likely to hear Abe if Abe is not sneaking. In addition, Abe can only carry ten at a time, so try to avoid becoming overly reliant on them.

Smoke Screen is a crafting ingredient for Smoke Screen Plus.

Smoke Screen Plus

A more powerful version of Smoke Screen can be created by mixing extra Bone Powder into the bottle.

Smoke Screen Plus acts just like Smoke Screen but will produce a pillar of smoke three times as wide, as well as three times as stinky.

The stinkiness is not just flavour text. The smell is so pungent that it will knock out sligs very, very briefly. There’s barely enough time to tie a slig up, so don’t rely on it in that way. Instead, use Smoke Screen Plus when you want extra leeway when choosing stealth.

IED Super Stun Mines

An upgraded IED is created by adding an Amplifier to the circuitry of an IED Stun Mine. They can also be found in lockers with a pad-lock.

IED Super Stun Mines are heavy item that weakly bound off of wall until the land on flat ground, where they will begin to arm in exactly the same way as a regular Stun Mine would.

IED Super Stun Mines deliver a more powerful jolt, but otherwise the effect is the same as the regular version. However, it should be noted that the unconsciousness produced by a Super Stun Mine jolt lasts longer than any other item in the game, to the point that Tape is not all that useful in comparison to just leaving them unconscious.

Bouncy Candy

A Bouncier Candy is created by wrapping a Rubber Band around a Rock Candy.

Bouncy Candy is a light item that, when thrown, bounces four or five times before breaking. It will break immediately on contact with a slig though.

Bouncy Candy is best used when you want out to knock out a slig without being on the same elevation as them. Unlike normal Rock Candy, as single Bouncy Candy can knock out a slig.

Bouncy Binding Candy uses Bouncy Candy as a crafting ingredient.

Fizzy Pow

A can of Fizzy Pow is created by Blastos are poured into a Fizzy Pop can.

Fizzy Pow is a heavy item that shatter on contact with anything, exploding into damaging shrapnel.

Shrapnel from Fizzy Pow is normally used to break apart weak flooring. This is normally needed for progression, but can be used to find secret areas as well. You can make use of a breaking platform by waiting until a slig is walking on top of the platform, then throwing the Fizzy Pow to knock them down to a lower elevation. The blast of Fizzy Pow will knock a slig out, with the shrapnel dealing damage.

Fizzy Pow is a crafting ingredient for Sticky Fizzy Pow.

Bouncy Binding Candy

This candy is created by attaching Tape to a Bouncy Candy using Epoxy. These can also be found in lockers locked using a pad-lock.

Bouncy Binding Candy is a light item that bounces as much as Bouncy Candy, but will automatically tie up a slig upon contact.

There is not much to this one. It just skips the unconsciousness step and goes straight to tying them up. This is the only way to tie up flying sligs, which will tailspin them out of control, eventually causing the fuel to explode. Getting follower mudokons to hold Bouncy Binding Candy is a wise chooce, as it allows the mudokons to defend themselves without Abe needing to go over and tie up the slig himself.

Sticky Fizzy Pow

A can of Sitcky Fizzy Pow is created by attaching gum to a can of Fizzy Pow.

Sticky Fizzy Pow is a heavy item that, upon contact with anything, will sticky to it for a while before exploding into high-velocity shrapnel. If it lands upon a slig, he will panic, running madly around until the can detonated.

One of the few ways to actually kill sligs using items alone, and quite a dangerous one as well. It is best used by planting it in a place the slig it approaching, so that the can will explode when the slig walks over it. If planted directly on a slig, the mad panic induced will more than likely backfire as he runs into Abe or your follower mudokon, causing them to die at the same time.


A Soulstorm Brew Molotov cocktail can be made by sticking an Anti-Viral Wipe in a bottle of Brew, then setting light to it using a Lighter. They can also be found in lockers locked by a pad-lock.

A Brewnade is an item of medium weight that, when thrown, will explode on contact with anything into a bubble of burning brew.

Brewnades have their uses. They can kill sligs one their own, but if used unwisely the resulting fire can also burn you and your followers. Giving Brewnades to follower mudokons can be effective, as they can back you up and defend themselves with some effectiveness.


An improvised Flamethrower can be created by replacing the foam in a Fire Extinguisher with Brew, replacing the Extinguisher’s hose with a Steel Hose and using a Battery, Wiring Kit and a Lighter to create a source of fire.

Aim the nozzle of the Flamethrower with right stick, shoot fire with right trigger. Pressure will decrease over time, like in a Fire Extinguisher.

While this item is powerful, it is also unwieldy. The pressure does not last long, and the wild flame is likely to create problems. It also requires you be in the line of sight of the slig in question, which is a problem when they tend to have weapons of a longer range than you. If you do manage to craft it, use it sparingly.

Other Items

These items don’t have the normal rules apply to them.

Health Sparks

Strange orange sparks that heal Abe, analogous to the green birds from New ‘n’ Tasty. These are the only reliable way to heal Abe. Small amounts are gathered by saying hello to a working udokon, or healing a sick one. More are released when rescuing them through Bird Portals. A full health-bar’s worth are obtained when collecting Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly

These glowing orange globs can be found in every level of the game. They are the only reliable way to heal Abe, so keep an eye out for secret areas: even if they don’t have mudokons to rescue, they might have Royal Jelly.


A literal measurement of how much good or not good you’ve done that’s only visible when holding the Queen Bee’s Amulet (that’s the orange necklace with the bug in it). Your Quarma in a given level always starts off as bad as possible: only doing good by rescuing mudokons allows you to get good Quarma.

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