Oil Rush – How to Beat Chapter 2, Mission 2

Here’s how I beat chapter 2, mission 2.

Guide to Complete Chapter 2, Mission 2

Capture all but the two left blue bases. Focus on upgrading your base defenses all the way, including w/points in the tech tree. You’ll get the points by defending against blue while simultaneously focusing on building up defenses. Once you’re defenses are fully upgraded, you’re fine against the attack waves from blue.

You have to be okay w/leaving blue with one base. There’s maybe no way to completely take blue out if there are off-map bases. I think the trick is to take the airplane base below and leave blue w/the jet ski base above.

I did it the opposite way the first time and ended up stuck. If you take the airplane base, you have twice the aircraft and maybe blue has none (I’m not sure what the off-map bases are). And the aircraft are needed for the work on other side of the map.

If you try to take the last base, units will come in from off-map to capture what you’ve left unguarded. And there’ll be a huge army circling that last base even as you chip away at the waves of units that are attacking. That last defense force just doesn’t seems to reduce in size no matter what I tried, which is why I think you have to be okay w/leaving the one last base to blue.

Now use all your aircraft to take out the oil rig to the east, then the enemy base. This will even give you control of the defended pass between, though you won’t even need it now. You could probably skip this and just capture the heavy base as that’s the mission goal.

The missions aren’t that bad, it’s just that some seem to require you to figure out a very specific path to beat them. They’re sort of puzzle missions that way. Maybe the game could help out a little more with hints during missions as to what needs to be done.

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