Okami HD – Molster Whack-a-Mole Tips

A few simple tips if you’re having tunnel trouble!

Tips to Tunnel Trouble

Tips and Tricks

  • While the default method of tagging Moley is by tackling, you can also use Cherry Bombs.
  • Bombs placed on holes will explode on the next mole that comes up.
  • Any time the dust clouds intersect, the moles will scramble, making it nigh-impossible to track in real-time.
  • The easiest way to tell where Moley will end up is by using the Brush menu to pause right before the moles arrive at their holes; while Moley’s headscarf can be finicky with whether it’s visible or not, it’s a bit easier to make out the molster’s spiky hairdos. Take your best guess at whichever trail seems least like it has hair-spikes, then place a Cherry Bomb on top of the hole before releasing the Brush menu!

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