Omega Strikers – How to Fix the Waiting for Players Endless Loop Bug

If you ALT+F4 during a match or in a queue, when you open up the game again you will get a bug where its a black screen saying “waiting for players” that you can’t get out from. In this guide I will show you how to fix it.

How to Fix

Optional First Step: Uninstall Your Game

I do not know if this step is needed, but I got it to work by uninstalling the game first and then doing the next step.

Deleting Your Data

To fix the issue you need to delete the data folder of the game, that is located in:

  • C:\Users\(Your_User)\AppData\Local\Prometheus

Do not worry it will not delete your progress, however it will probably reset things like keybinds, sound volume and stuff like that.

Conclusion: The game is fixed now, you can install it again and play it.

Written by Warlord JCKET


  1. i get this bug when get into another match, i don’t alt+f4 but im in a team and they also get that bug… not sure this will solve the problem but just letting you know the “waiting for player” blackscreen not just happening after you alt+f4 the game

    • you’re stuck in a “Waiting for players…” screen before the picking phase. You don’t get to play the game even if you don’t alt+f4. You’re forced to abandon your team regardless of what you do.

    • Yeah, power outages can happen aswell but i also just assumed that the majority of people alt-f4 during a match lmao

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