One Military Camp – How to Effectively Use Population Cap

Tips for Efficient Population Distribution

All credit goes to TVMAN!

I’d recommend y’all start spreading your troops out across the other two bases as you unlock them. I’m at the Arctic base now, and I have all my soldiers spread out across the three bases – Jobs requiring 1 and 2 skills are in the Jungle base, Jobs requiring 3 and 4 skills are in the Desert base, and the remaining 3 and 4 skill jobs that require the Arctic base are in the Arctic base. For missions, I have extra barracks space in each base and move soldiers around as needed since that’s relatively cheap.

You can go back to the previous bases at any time, and each base has its own pop cap/income stream. By doing the above, each of my bases has around 58-64 people in them. Each base handles at most 6 soldier jobs, and each soldier job has about 3 to 4 soldiers assigned to it.

The soldier pop for each base is small due to this, and as a consequence there are fewer buildings to guard and support. I have 10 doctors across all the medical buildings, 8 cooks, 4 research, 8 maintenance, and 12 guard per base (Enough for two hubs and two towers). I also switched exclusively to solar and wind power in the Desert and Arctic bases so there’s no fuel upkeep there. Unfortunately you can’t do that in the jungle base, but the power station upgrades can allow you to minimize the number of generators you need.

Each base pop is split evenly between day and night shift so the facilities don’t get overwhelmed. The hubs and towers only guard the commonly targeted areas of the base – training facilities, power stations, and entertainment. I have entertainment and training facilities clustered together since they’re noisy, so one hub can cover both.

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