One Military Camp – How to Prevent Food Waste

How to keep the canteen stocked without wasting food.

Guide to Prevent Food Waste

Rather than waste everyone’s time, I’m going to show everyone how to get the canteen supplied without having the maintenance workers send too much food which ends up vanishing, which also results in wasted money. As you know, a base strapped for cash that’s barely breaking-even cannot afford waste!

I am required by Captain Obvious to inform the reader that the order to restock should be cancelled the moment the player notices a maintenance worker carrying supplies to the canteen, or else the rest of this information isn’t going to be of any use.

Expand the view of the map if you have to, but once the order for the canteen to be restocked goes out, make a careful note of anyone dressed in blue running towards the food warehouse. There usually seems to be more than one maintenance worker that answers the call to resupply the canteen, which is bad in most instances, especially since one maintenance worker often brings in enough food to last for chow time no matter how lacking in food the canteen may be.

When you see a second maintenance worker running to the food warehouse, what you will want to do is click on the icon with the coffee cup to order that maintenance worker to go on break… Just make sure you eventually click on the coffee cup icon again to make sure that maintenance worker doesn’t spend the rest of their career lollygagging!

Speaking of lollygagging, there’s frequently going to be one late arriving maintenance worker answering the call to resupply the canteen. This isn’t any problem, just the player needs to make sure to order them not to supply the canteen by using the aforementioned method.

But what if a maintenance worker already has food in their possession and hasn’t yet made it to the canteen? This is no problem. Just order that maintenance worker to go on break, and the maintenance worker will put the supplies down and the food will magically reappear in the food warehouse.

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