OneShot – Niko’s Secret Skin Guide

Please note: all credit goes to aitor_aroza!

Hello guys, in this guide you will learn how to get a secret skin for Niko that not many people know about! here’s a little spoiler… It’s customizable. I found out about this recently so my apologies if it’s not that comprehensible.

How to Get Niko’s Secret Skin

Step 1

The First Step, and probably the most important one (though it’s really simple) is that you have to do a true reset to your OneShot game (there are some other guides that explains how to do that)

Step 2

After you did the true reset, you will want to play the game until you leave the “strange house” and spawn in that weird bus. then you have to get in and out the bus 6 times. you won’t get any visuual or sonorous advice that shows you this is working, but stay with me…

Step 3

We’re going through the good way…

Now you want to talk to the first robot that we encounter, after you get all the first dialogue with the robot you are gonna headback to the other bus (the one with the bed) and sleep.

Final Step

Now that you have done all that stuff, you will have to download any Niko fanart, then print it, and then stick it to the center of the screen with glue or something.

And That’s It

We’re done. That’s how you get your secret customizable Niko skin.

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