Ori and the Will of the Wisps – High and Dry Achievement Guide (Spoiler Free)

Greetings into the inevitable world of achivement farming, where I shall abbreviate in precise manner of how to obtain the predominantly challenging and considerably rare achievement ‘high and dry’ from ori and the will of the wisps, comprehending exactly what specifications will need to be achieved for this achivement to pop! Overall, this intricate challenge is most commonly missable in the main aspects of the game, abbreviating that you may have to start a second save file to achieve such, but apart from that, lets dive into the beauteous implimentations nessecitous to get you ‘high and dry!’

How to Obtain High and Dry Achievement

The beauteous tips and abbreviations nessecary to obtain the predominant achievement!

In order to intergrate and succesfully obtain this vital achievement you must complete the basis of the abbreviated game up until the cleansing of the wellspring without touching any of the intricately purple corrupted water, which is very clear to observe and comprehend from regular water, appearing consistently before the conclusion of the wellspring. Once you successfully escape the wellspring the game will give you the achievement if you did it correctly, even though a slight delay might be occured due to the malfunctions steam is processing and all other inclusive problematic differences. In essence though, for the achivement to pop, you don’t need to be free of the purple water entirely. If you fall in and don’t take notable damage from such, you should be sufficent but if taken, a backsave will be nessecary to mantain progression without restarting internally!

You don’t have to profusely beat the game to find out if you got it!

Some other important things to note are:

  1. Clean water, including the wall of water doesn’t affect the achievement.
  2. Touching water only counts if Ori goes into the water and takes damage. If you land on a platform floating on corrupt water and a bit splashes up, that doesn’t count.
  3. The purple geysers in the wellspring don’t predominantly count as corrupt water. Getting hit by one won’t affect the achievement, unless you meet your demise or corruption in a pool of this substance which the geysers are not intertwined with.
  4. Just avoid smaller collectables that require platforming over corrupt water. You can get them later or achieve them after the cleansing of the wellspring which is when this achivement shall be concluded. If you do happen to fall to your proliferating demise in the corrupted water, watching ori beat up an innocent bug, and reloading your save file should be sufficent!

The most vital abbreviation to integrate is to predominantly prioritize relocating your save file if your tempestuous achivement hunting desires are held captive by a mistake (you died or took damage), reset your save file to the point before the fatal mistake was made as multitudinous times as nessecitious and once you free the wellspring, the achievement should be completed intuatively, if you dare to face the corrupted water! I will leave a video of a guide if still struggling.

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