ORX – Strategy Guide

There is one example of strategy called The Great Wall of Orx Death.

Guide to Strategy

I think I found my favorite strategy.

Only a couple rounds in but I think I found my go to strat from now on.

I present to thee, The Great Wall of Orx Death.

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Starts by doing everything I can to get a road about 10-15 long. Easiest is usually going towards a vault. Once there I can build a village for the gold. But really what I am doing it for is the Merchant’s contract card. This helps me to basically enter a near endless loop, where I have a max hand size and about 3-5 minutes worth of income to just keep cycling through cards and building my great wall. Having some Runestones is a good idea too.

And if you get really lucky you get the Cairn of Domination from a “Another faction tile card” reward, giving you tons of damage and range for your entire great wall with each one you build.

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