ORX – Weather Effect Guide

Here you can find all (perhaps) weather effect from events.

Guide to Weather Effect

You may like to use it to take advantage of Sefiroth control or counter specific enemy types.

  • Twilight

Dark+2 Global dmg+44% All spell -1 cost

  • Heavy Rain (Rain Storm)

Water+3 Global rng-30%

  • Heavy Smog (Thick Fog)

Aether+3 Vision & atk rng -30%

  • Snow Storm

Water+2/Wind+1 Global mov-45%

  • Sand Storm

Fury+3 Global mov-45%

  • Earthquake

Earth +3 Global hp-35% Tile cost+1

  • Strong Wind

Wind+3 Global atk speed+50% Projectile acc -1.6

  • Apex Sun

Fire+1/Sacred+1 Global dmg+50% Tile cost-2

  • Void Pyre

Dark+2 /Sacred+2 Global Vampirism+15 All card cost-1

Sefiroth (Level 1)

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