Ostriv – Losing Families in the First Year?

How to Survive

My suggestions for surviving with all your families intact over the first five years:

  1. Build a forestry. Can’t do much without having a sufficient supply of wood. Put in a number of charcoal pits around your forestry. Pits need firewood to make charcoal. I usually do at least eight to overproduce and have a surplus for trade. Early on, have only two employees here.
  2. Thatchery. Need thatch to build roofs. Usually I use women, always use four.
  3. Clay Pit. Need clay to finish off any structures that have white walls.
  4. Smithy. Nail supply will run out quickly without resupply, need a blacksmith for nails. One blacksmith is sufficient. Without sufficient charcoal, blacksmith cannot produce.
  5. Nine village houses. If you don’t build nine, families will leave your village making it that much more difficult to progress. The Garden Homes will produce some food, but they take longer to build although requirements are the same and you probably won’t get nine built in time to save all your families.
  6. Trading Post. Best way to get food to your village. Fishing won’t help you in the first year as it takes too long to build all your previous needs and find a boat builder and fisherman to supply food. Having a large supply of charcoal as trade item will help you to earn some money as well as trade for food. Nothing is as easy as charcoal to produce and turn a profit.
  7. Town Hall. With experience you will learn how to manage your economy so you don’t go broke, or drive your families or yourself into the poor house.
  8. Market Stalls. Build at least one in your residential neighborhood to sell firewood early on, else the families will have to go to the Forestry to get firewood.
  9. Boathouse/Fishing Dock. Need a boat builder to provide fishing boats. You can build a fishing dock first, but then you have to build a boat house to get boats. Either way, works out about the same, I do prefer to build a boat house first.
  10. Hay Drier. You’ll need hay to feed livestock, which will come later, but without a supply of hay, most livestock will perish from starvation.
  11. Hay Barrack. You need to store your dried hay.
  12. Farm. I usually make one eight field farm with wheat and buckwheat as main crops. Other farms will have other crops later, but wheat and buckwheat are good for feeding your families and trading.
  13. Cowshed. Cows are easiest of the livestock to care for, make sure you allow them to “USE FALLOW FIELD” for feeding during non winter months.
  14. Pig Sty. Once old enough, pigs reproduce rapidly and can supply your markets with Pork and Salo after you’ve built the next structure.
  15. Slaughterhouse. Must have a slaughterhouse to maintain your livestock population and produce meat, etc. for your other industries and families.
  16. Tannery. This could be the start of a production process for your village. Tannery will produce skins from all of the animals that are used for clothing, shoes, saddlery, etc.


After completing a farm with wheat, build a windmill to turn the wheat into flour which will help sustain your population.

Make certain that you have enough edible resources for your livestock. Cows and goats just want water and hay and fallow fields, pigs have a wide variety of available foods that you probably won’t have access to for awhile, until your farms can develop barley, etc. They can survive on a minimal diet.

Don’t neglect building new homes. Either Village or Garden. As stated, Garden Homes take a bit longer to build, but can start producing some food that the resident family can consume. You’ll need a granary and market stalls to sell their goods, it does take quite a while for Garden Homes to produce sufficient goods to get them to market.

Build a small graveyard with room for expansion not to far, but not to close to your main village location. I generally build a Chapel in a fenced graveyard to meet the 100+ population requirement. Build a church near the village when you get near the 300 population mark.

When your population grows, you should build a water Trading Post. A land Trading Post is much more efficient early on as it can operate during winter months when the rivers are frozen and the water Trading Post is not usable. You will need a water Trading Post to import alcoholic beverages for your Tavern. Alcoholic beverages will only be delivered by boat, not by land.

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