Outbreak Island: Pendulum – How to Handle Food

Guide to Handle Food

Are you struggling with food? ok the biggest issue is people are managing their rations poorly and are starving to death to help manage this here’s some tips.

First off you can hunt and kill dear and gather mushrooms and cook them on a fire so to start off food is the most abundant thing you guys are just following the quest instead of foraging.

Second just gathering and looting and get you plenty of water to the point you have to much same with food if you stay on top of it till you unlock the garden and shovel.

if from the base you head to the warehouse and go left before it there’s tons of mushrooms and a couple deer.

I recommend never sleeping as it waste insane amounts of food and water, only use beds to save.

and until they fix the weird spawns just save anytime you complete something or get well off enough,

best start it to just start gathering when you spawn then try to get to the castle before the first night and then your golden if you can shoot head shots.

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