Outer Wilds – Tips to Go to the Ash Twin Project

Ash Twin Project Tips

  1. The solution is simpler than one would perhaps assume.
  2. The environment inside the warp tower holds a clue.
  3. How could you avoid being sucked upwards by the sand?
  4. There’s also an in-game hint on Brittle Hollow.
  5. The hint is in the Black Hole Forge, to be exact.
  6. The hint notes that the alignment of the warp pad doesn’t have to be exact, but within five degrees, so there’s a window of time during which you can go in.
  7. You can use your scout to see when the warp window begins.
  8. There’s an alcove inside the warp tower in which you can wait for the correct time.
  9. True spoiler: You can hide in the alcove inside the warp tower, or under the bridge connecting the towers, and when the warp window is active just run towards the pad, the sand won’t suck you up fast enough. You can also use your jetpack thrusters to thrust downwards, if it doesn’t seem to work otherwise.
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