Outnumbered – How to Survive 10 Minutes

Guide to Survive 10 Minutes


  • Play a few rounds to earn money to upgrade your ship.
  • Make sure you unlock weapons and add them to your ship whenever you start a new round.
  • Note: you have to pay everytime you add or remove equipment.

Every single time

  • Your best option is to equip your ship with 4x level 1 weapons.
  • Rapid fire/ scatter/ railgun/ lock on missiles/(not the jericho)
  • Not anything that can hurt your own ship.
  • To reach minute 5 is quite easy.
  • Once you unlock minute 5, you can upgrade your power core so you can equip 1000 energy equipment.
  • That is enough for 4 Guns, and a few modules like repair and things that kill anything when they come close to you.

From 5-10, having multiple weapons or equipping modules that give you movement speed increase is a great choice.

Personally the automatic missles are great for fighting the minute 10 boss.

Just fly away from him while shooting the missiles behind you so they will chase him.

Having a speed boost module will provide a great advantage, as well as having modules that kill things that touch you.

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