OUTRIDERS – Apocalypse Tier 40 (Devastator) Safe and Easy

Apocalypse Tier 40 / The Safe and Easy (Devastator Build)

Concerned about having too much damage but not having enough defense to survive the highest Apocalypse Tier as Devastator?

Why compromise one when you can have both?

This is the build I personally use to solo Apocalypse Tier 40!

How to Use This Build


  • Keep Golem uptime as much as possible!

(During cooldowns, use your 2 main weapons to trigger Golem again to maximise your defense)

  • They say the best defense is the best offense! Additional damage dealt by enemies will be reflected!


  • This is when your earthquake skill and impale comes in handy!
  • Use Earthquake 3x in a row to trigger cooldowns so that you can shoot 3 at once at all times

(The cooldown on this build is pretty fast, about 4-5 seconds before skill is ready to be used again)

  • Use Impale when you get swarmed!

(The cooldown is slightly longer, so use earthquake and wait for impale to be ready again)

Guns and whatnot are your SUPPORT (You use them guns to boost Defense)

Your OFFENSE all lies with the 2 skills (Earthquake and Impale)

This build is VERY safe to use and VERY efficient at high end farming!

I have yet to reach 35% HP with this build playing with group or solo!

[Even if at some point, you’ll reach 35% HP with this build, you’ll have a skill that doubles your armor giving you enough time to regenerate your health, shield and armor]

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