OUTRIDERS – Best Weapon (New Horizon Update)

The Only Damage Source You Need after New Horizon Update / Comfort for All Classes

That’s all. Everything else, go full defense / build whatever you want, you don’t even need firepower or anomaly power to deal good damage, since the damage from these mods are based on the weapon’s level.

Alternate for mod #2 can be anything that deals level-based damage e.g. Ultimate Storm Whip, Death Chain, that one mod that procs explosion + weakness (i forgot the name), T2 Claymore, etc.

Or maybe Fortress if you want to be tankier and doesn’t mind a DPS loss, whichever fits your playstyle really.

The downside is that these mods won’t affect Anomaly Rifts, but since i go full defense for the rest of my builds, i’m able to just ignore them solo.

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  1. I also found out some days ago that those AoE damage works against the rifts (was using Aggressive Teleportation). I’m currently using Essence Thief + Death Chain mods on my secondary for a super fast leech just in case my health drops below 100% (Death Chain ticks seem to trigger health leech as well)

  2. Should add a guillotine or anemoi with moaning winds and radiation splash in your secondary slot for even more free damage. Just swap weapons and do 900k+ to everything around you. And those do work on the rifts.

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