OXENFREE II: Lost Signals – He Sounded Familiar Achievement Guide

Here you can find a few tips that might help you to unlock He sounded familiar achievement.

How to Obtain He Sounded Familiar Achievement


He Sounded Familiar

  • Talk to a young radio enthusiast.


I got this while going down the rope when Jacob falls at the church.

There’s a call on walkie 9 where you talk with a kid who the subtitles only refer to as “Kid” in green text.

Don’t recall if it was the same shade as Jacob, I honestly thought it sounded like Rex.

I didn’t have all of the Adler letters yet, and don’t know what else would make sense as a flag to trigger it aside from being nice to Rex in flashbacks or already having agreed to be friends with Jacob.

I did try to use the walkie with Evelyn and Maria while on the rope, with no response from Maria and Evelyn acting as if we’d never met and that I was calling an emergency line.

Hope this helps.

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