Oxygen – How to Survive on Windy Days

Guide to Survive on Windy Days

Normal Day

Normally you always lack people, just get used to it. Start with filling the most critical position, and then place people to produce the less critical resource.

I guess you have 3 trees at the beginning, so try to build first houses around the closest one. Later on i’ve got 2 seeds to place more trees – and i’ve put more houses, research facilities and radio towers next to the trees, so they would not consume the energy at all.

Only one house is outside the trees circle (i’m running out of space and looking for more trees seeds), thus -3 energy by “automatic generations” on the screenshot.

Windy Day

Here’s what i do when the windy days comes up: i disable almost all production, except water and food. Also, cancel all the scavenging jobs.

For the most critical resources i keep production and enable the power manually, so people can keep working and not getting sick.

My consumption is -52, and i get +21 at the night and +33 during the day.

Batteries capacity is 3k, so that’s enough to live through 4-5 windy days. In worst case, i disable more buildings and normally the coal is not consumed at all. And vice versa – if i need more resources when i have high energy in batteries, i enable the building one by one.

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