Pacifish – The Black Orb Guide

How to Get Black Orbs

  1. First go to depths and click the fish Sam many many times.
  2. After a few clicks you get the Sams Journal.
  3. Click the Sam’s Journal to read the info about the black orb.
  4. Equipt the Junk Rod and the Complex bait so all the Drops stats are on 0.
  5. Go to the Forest River.
  6. Now you fish.
  7. You only get seaweed, fish untli you get the black orb.
  8. Finish.

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  1. you can use/ create an automatic clicker with a delay of 50ms longer than the fishingrods cast time,
    i got the black orb on this way after ~200-300 casts before i even knew about the journal

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